Saturday, August 2, 2008

Renae's Ramblings-Part 10

This is what the local paper read this morning:

Tiny Tot Steals Daddy's Tee!
Sentence is 18 more years with Parents.

Can you believe it?? I for one was shocked. Absolutely shocked. As soon as I saw the paper, I crawled really fast (P.S. putting your head down helps with the aerodynamics of speed crawling) to Mommy and told her that we need to sue whoever wrote such a story. (Well, first I asked her to tell me what it said since I can't read.)

Mommy told me that our family doesn't really do the whole sue thing. What's up with that? She explained to me that the newspaper was probably just a joke done by non other than my Uncle T-Bone who works in the paper industry. I was not convinced. I demanded we do something. Mommy just gave me that look that said, "We don't talk like that to Mommy."

So, alas, I had to resort to my own sleuth skills, which aren't that great considering this is my first case. Who took this picture in the first place? And I wasn't STEALING per say . . I was BORROWING the t-shirt. You see, here is what happened: One day Mommy was folding laundry. I decided to help. I'm a great helper. I pick up the clothes she's folded already, and I play with them. See? I do a lot around here! If the clothes were never played with, than they wouldn't be all soft when Mommy and Daddy wore them. They'd still be stiff from drying in the sun. Anyways, I found one of Daddy's t-shirts, and thought it REALLY need some help getting unstiff. So I put it on. Enough said. Is that a crime? Well, if Uncle T-Bone really did do this, than I guess it's what I call "A Silly Adult Joke" which is only funny to silly adults. Makes no sense to this intelligent baby.

Well, I gotta run. My attention span is pretty short at 11 months, and I've kind of lost interest in this blasphemous newspaper article. I'm on to better things-like pulling all of my shoes off the shelf and throwing them around my room. Now THAT sounds like fun!

"What?? I'm just breaking it in!"

"Ok, so I do look a little suspicious here . . ."


Anonymous said...

What fun, creative writing Julie! (I mean, Renae!)

Mandi said...

Boy Renae, you really DO look suspicious! but I'm super impressed that you were able to even get daddy's shirt on! Unless mommy helped and she isn't telling us (hey, aiding and abedding (sp?) is a crime too you know). By the way, I'm in disbelief that you're almost 1... You don't look a day over 9 months ;-) Got big plans for your birthday party?

lankris said...

Tucker used to do that alllll the time... it's normal :)

Jonathan & Kari said...

Playing dress up already? I'd say she's got a bit of her aunt Kari in her! ;)

Anonymous said...

Maybe she's been hanging around with the wrong crowd. Better send her to private school in Iowa where she will receive the best of care.


kpjordan said...

I totally agree with Nana!

Scott & Julie said...

That girl needs a better play outfit than that. I'll have her cousin Addisyn pick her out something.

I miss you Julie! Seriously, I'm crying - can you come home now?

Dee said...

Renae the only thing you need to say is, "possesion is nine-tenths of the law," and if they continue to bother you threathen to go commando in the shirt...that'll shut 'em up.

Love you,
Aunt Dee