Friday, August 15, 2008

Renae's Ramblings-Part 11

A visit to Daddy's Class

Yesterday was such a fun day! First, Mommy picked me up after my afternoon nap and gave me a biiiiiig hug. I love hugs. Then she put me in the stroller which always means an adventure!! And it WAS an adventure. I got to ride on the bus again so I was really happy. Plus, Mommy let me eat my snack on the bus. She said I did a really good job and I wasn't messy. Mommy is always saying something about not being messy and getting my clothes dirty. I don't get it. I mean, she spills stuff all the time and her clothes get messy too.

I'll be walking without help soon!

I really liked her.

Anyways, we rode the bus because we were going to visit Daddy in his Spanish class! He told me that some of his classmates wanted to meet me (and Mommy too I think). When we went in a bunch of girls came to say hi to me. I liked them a lot. They sounded different than Mommy and Daddy when they spoke, and I think it's because they aren't from around here. I really liked this one girl and she held me a lot. Daddy was speaking different too so I really had no clue what anyone was saying, but then again that's normal.

Look at all of these fun new people!

After our visit to Daddy's class, we all went back home on the metro. I like riding in that thing too! I love to watch the lights! Plus Daddy and I had a contest to see who could blow the most bubbles with their lips. I think I won.

I love to practice walking!

When we got home, Daddy took my new toy away. I was sad. Awhile ago he bought this thing that sits near the computer and paper comes out of it. I don't really care about that. But the box it came in has been so much fun for me!!! I push it around the house, and I've even learned how to climb up on it. But yesterday, Daddy put the thingy by the computer back in the box and we took it to a store and gave it back. Daddy was happy he was able to return it and still get his money back. Money. Adults are always concerned with money! Not me. I'm just glad I have books to pull off the shelf and throw every day.

Daddy can I have one of these someday?

Vroom vroom!

So after Daddy returned his thing he called a printer, we got to eat at a restaurant! Mommy seemed really excited about this place. I think because it was an American restaurant or something like that. She gets pretty excited about her food. The nice lady who brought us the food gave me 4 toys!!! My favorite was the red car. I had to share with Daddy though.

I remember visiting Daddy at a place with that same name back home!

Mommy loves the long arm shot.

I love to wear her hat.

Later, and I do mean later (it was past my bedtime and I was tired!!) Mommy and Daddy took me to one more place. Daddy still wanted to find a printer. I helped him look because I knew which printer would be the best because I knew which box would be the most fun to play with! I believe I was very helpful.

What about this one Daddy?

Hello? Doesn't anyone listen to my opinion?

Of course, I had to check out the toy aisle. Mommy and Daddy are thinking about getting me a motorcycle for my birthday. Well, the truth is I want a motorcycle for my birthday. And so does Daddy.

I'm a natural!

Ok, so I need a little help staying on.

I really like this blogging thing. Mommy journals about her day and she says that someday I should too. For now, I think I'll just stick to journaling on the blog occasionally. Last night I was so tired that I fell asleep while I drank my bottle. Daddy didn't seem to mind.

It's hard work to be a baby.


Anonymous said...

I loved seeing these pictures of Renae. She is looking soooooo much like a one year old! Thanks for posting.

Love, Nana

Jonathan & Kari said...

Hi Renae!

You are such a good blogger. I am very impressed. And you're getting so big!

Aunt Kari

ps - Tell your mom I think her hat is really cute and that if I had hair, I'd want one just like it.

Becky said...

What a great post Renae!! I love seeing pictures of you and all your adventures! You are getting so grown up...pretty soon you will be the one taking your parents on those adventures!! We all miss you VERY MUCH!!! Keep posting...we LOVE seeing all the pictures and hearing all about what you are doing!!!

Anonymous said...

What an adorable post! I love the bibs, Renae. (Do all Iowans wear them?!)
Also - Your hat and shirt are super cute, Julie :)
And Jesse, did you happen to buy an HP printer?!?
-Britt :)

kpjordan said...

Julie....what a wonderful blog. I've gotten my Renae (and jesse and julie) fix for now. What will you post tomorrow? Absolutely delightful pictures. I'm jealous of the strangers who are privileged to hold precious Renae...because they're there with all of you and we're here without all of you. Thanks for the great post...good for what ails us.
Love you...

Jenny said...

Dear Renae,
I really like to read your blogs. My mama said someday I will like to play with boxes too! Right now I'm learning how to grab things. Yesterday I really wanted to grab mama's ice cream cone but she wouldn't let me. She said I'm too little for ice cream. It IS hard work to be a baby! I agree! My mama said that you are getting so big. She just wants to eat you up! I hope you have a happy birthday. I would give you a big slobbery birthday kiss if I was with you...if your daddy would let me, that is. :)

Jack and Sheryl said...

Wow! Look at her! Ava turned 1 yesterday and she isn't even close to walking yet! Keep on, little Renae! :)