Thursday, August 21, 2008

To Train a Child . .

Renae is a sinner. No surprise there as both her parents are sinners. She has reached the age where she can understand that she is not supposed to do something if we have told her "No, no," or the more common phrase, "No, no touch." She learned quickly that she is not allowed to stick her fingers in the electrical sockets. It's a really big deal since the voltage is higher here. The first time she did it, we said "No no touch," and we slapped her hand. It only took a few of those for her to realize she was not going to touch the electrical outlets. Whew. First parenting discipline a success.

Well the more and more curious she gets the more things she finds that we've had to tell her she cannot touch. One such thing is the printer. Recently she has discovered that she can climb up on the couch and reach around the pillar (she's quite the acrobat) and bang her little hand on the printer. The first time she did it I told her in a firm voice, "Renae, that is a no no touch. If you touch it again, I will slap your hand." She looked at me as if, "Hmmm, Mommy's using that one tone of voice I don't really like." She climbed back down the sofa and continued in her baby imagination fun. A few minutes later, I looked back and saw Renae was standing on the couch again, and she was banging her hand up and down on the printer (which by the way is in a place that it could fall if it's bumped to hard. We have a small place so we're creative with our space.) I told her again that it was a no no touch, moved her away from the printer and slapper her hand twice. Being the girl that she is, she cried dramatically for about 30 seconds. I continued to talk to her about why I slapped her hand and that she needs to obey Mommy. (Yes we are aware she doesn't speak perfect English yet). I gave her a hug, told her I loved her and then prayed with her. I prayed that God would work in her heart and teach her how to obey, and that God would work in our hearts as well so that we will also learn to obey God.

Halfway through the prayer, I sense movement in my arms and open my eyes to see Renae smiling at herself in the mirror as she flaps her arms up and down. Oh the mind of an almost one year old.


Jenny said...

But Julie, the printer is SO much more fun that the hundreds of toys you have bought for her! :) Oh, I think that I CAN wait for Aiden to get to that age!

Scott & Julie said...

Have I told you the story about Taylor and the toilet paper? At least she didn't get back on the couch while you were praying. ;-)

kpjordan said...

How absolutely wonderful! Great parenting...especially so in that you and Jesse are mindful that you, too are still His children and you are aware that you (we) always need to be teachable. That makes for the best parents.
Love you guys and so appreciate that you are bringing up our granddaughter in the nurture and admonition of Him.

jess said...

Sheesh. some people's parents are just no fun, right Renae? I bet you don't even let her play with the sharp knives either! Kill Joy... ;-)

Mandi said...

Ok so I just realized Jess was still signed in on my computer... that last comment was from me! ;-)

Avery said...

Okay, Miss Julie, I have an opening next Saturday, August 30th, at 11:00 so I'll put you down for a manicure. Do you also want a pedicure? That is only $30 unless your feet are stinky then it's $50. See you then.

Bailey sells snacks for $1.00 extra dollar and she makes them herself. How many snacks do you want?

Avery and Bailey