Monday, April 7, 2008

Backstreet's Back . . . Alright!

Ok, so WE are back . . . but you get the point.

We arrived home Thursday evening after being delayed for an hour and a half in Atlanta. Lucky for us, Renae decided to puke for the first time 10 minutes before we boarded our 1st plane. She totally ruined her outfit that I'd picked out so carefully. I smelled sour milk on my jeans and in her neck the rest of the day. Yummy. We just had to laugh.

We are here for a few more weeks so we get to spend lots of time with family! Renae will see her cousins on Saturday as we go to a parade and walk around the Iowa State campus. I'm so excited I get to go to this one last time!

I realized today that I haven't taken any pictures so insead, I'm posting a random video someone showed us a few weeks ago and it's pretty funny. Sorry for the randomness of posts lately. Until we get settled, it may be like this for awhile.


Dee said...

That video is hilarious!!

Glad you get to spend more time with your fams, just wish you had a stopover in N'ville.

Hope Renae is feeling well now.

Love you!
A Dee

Jenny said...

How long are you guys going to be in iowa? I'm homebound...obviously, but maybe this baby will come out at some point! Anyway, enjoy this time with your family!

Mandi said...

You know you're one of my favorites :-D We need to hang out before you leave!
Check my monkey blog - you're in it!

Tara said...


I'm hoping to come down sometime while you're home so I can meet your little girl finally before youleave and she's about 3 before we'd see her next ;-) Plus, gots to say goodbye to you guys....:-P