Friday, April 11, 2008

Renae makes her 7month debut

That's right-Renae has lots of mad skills to show off and she debuted them to our family who hadn't seen her in two months! I forgot to take pictures for the first 5 days we were home, but got it out again when we visited Jesse's family. Here she is showing us her stuff!

Army crawling over Daddy.

Holding her own bottle! (And already a multi-tasker-can YOU hold your foot up that high and drink?)

She can eat solids! Rice cereal, fruit and veggies. Oh so yummy.

She can think and ponder life's mysteries.

And this is perhaps the funniest thing she can do-she makes this funny face and then breathes in and out. See video below to watch her in action.

And this is one of my new "skills." I got henna done while I was gone, and my parents Indian neighbor went and bought me some! So I'm trying . . . Here I'm attempting to give my mom a henna tattoo. It ended up not looking so great.


Dee said...

I want a tattoo! Why don't you stop by on your way out of the country and draw one on my are too. No,wait, I think I want it just below my ankle. You do make house calls right, I mean, after all, you went to your mom's...

Wish so much that we could see you guys, oh well, some day.

Love you,
A Dee

Jonathan & Kari said...

I love the video!

Was that you talking, Julie? Virginia must've rubbed off on you - you sound Southern! (That's a compliment, by the way.)