Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Snow on Veisha? It's April!!!


Tyler and his huge bag of candy.

Addy and I watching the parade. She was nervous that canon would blast again.

At the International Food Fair. Good food!


Mandi said...

Well, I'm impressed you even went! We woke up and saw the snow and decided it wasn't worth it. We just hung out with Ryan's parents the whole weekend and had our own parade-less fun.

By the way, every time I comment to you, it links to my "craft" blog ;-) It's always been that way, I've had it for months now. I don't have any other blogs besides xanga (I had one that I did paid advertising on, but don't anymore). So, just 2 :-)

The Beasley's in Prague said...

Okay, seriously, you need to update your blog.... I know you're crazy packing but that's just not a good enough excuse...