Tuesday, August 24, 2010

What's in the Bag?

What is in this recyclable bag?

No seriously. What's in that bag?

Oh just a lot of money's worth in books . . .

Because today is Jesse's first day of school!

That's right. At long last we've begun the path towards Jesse's desired career. He decided to follow in the footsteps of his brother and begin graduate school late in life. However Jesse won't be studying in a foreign language (no Greek or Hebrew-whew!), nor will it take 5-6 years. (Well, we hope not.) Aaaand, he won't be able to heal sickness. So basically, the similarites between the 2 brothers ended at beginning graduate school late in life.

He really is happy about finally getting started.

We've had a lot of people ask us questions about what kind of degree Jesse is getting, where he's studying etc, so I thought I'd take the time and fill you in!

What degree will he have?
Jesse is working on a Masters of Arts in Counseling degree. This means that by the time he graduates, he'll be trained to take a test to receive state certification as a counselor.

So he's not studying at seminary to be a pastor?
No. Oh no. Not at all.

Then what can he do with a degree from a seminary?
Jesse's desire is to work in a secular counseling situation. So if he passes the test at the end of his schooling, he'll be licensed to work in that kind of a setting. If he wanted to work at a church of another Christian setting, he probably doesn't need the state certification, but since that's not his main goal, he'll be working on passing that test. I have full confidence that he'll be able to do it.

Where is he studying?
You are on a need to know basis, and you don't need to know. Seriously, you'll have to email us if you really want to know. Otherwise, we'll have to keep that a secret because sometimes we just have some stories we'd like to share and it wouldn't be good if you knew where these things happened. But be looking for a post from Jesse someday about a required Basic Evangelism class he has to take! That will be a good one.

Why did he choose to study counseling at a seminary?
Jesse got a scholarship which really helps bring the cost of his degree down. Plus, we also liked the idea of having a Biblical understanding for not only theology, but for counseling.

Does he really want to sit and listen to people talk about their problems all day?
Yes. And I'll answer this one from my perspective. We've learned that Jesse's main skill set is people. He doesn't have training to be a graphic designer, or a musician or an engineer. But he's highly gifted to work with people, and for people.

I've watched him countless times while he listens with genuine interest to people as they share what they are going through, and then listened to him give a wise answer. Usually when you think of counselors, you think of people who love to talk about feelings, emotions etc. Jesse is not that. Rather, he's one of the biggest thinkers I know. He does NOTHING on emotion. Which is one of the main reasons why I love him. He doesn't think with his heart so when he listens to others express their hearts and emotions, he can kind of sift through what they think is true, and point them in the right way to genuine Truth. I know because I've seen him do this with me-the complete opposite, a mega feeler.

So that my friends, is what Jesse is working on for the next 3 years. We've got a long road ahead of us but you know what? we feel a huge sense of contentment here. Not because we think God called us to this, but because we know God has opened up these doors, and he's providing beyond belief. And I'm not even talking just financially. God is so good, and so faithful.

P.S Today I went for my run and noticed a lot of extra cars on campus. Then I realized it was the day scheduled for chapel. All staff and undergraduate students are required to come. (Not the masters students though-thank goodness!)

I turned off my iPod and ran into the building to take a peek at what a twice-a-week chapel service looks like. A kind woman invited me to come on in. I said, "Oh thanks, but I'm going on a run." Then I walked back out of the building past the many students coming in, turned my iPod back on, and enjoyed a little Fee, Dispatch and Maroon 5. It was one of those moments where I had to laugh at the irony of living on a seminary campus, skipping chapel to run and listen to some goooood music. Thus begins our new life . . .


Jenny said...

I bet Jesse loved getting his first day of school pictures taken! HAHA! We are excited for you guys! And I, the perosn who loves school, got a little bit jealous. :) I love your skipping chapel story.

Beatriz said...

So cute on your first day at school, Jesse, we wish you the best and I pray that this is exactly what you´ve been looking for. Well, I have to confess that I also pray that your career can somehow make you come back to Spain someday :)

Mandi said...

I love that he's going into counseling! I've been on the receiving end of his wisdom and I've appreciated it SO much. You're right, he's a thinker, and he takes his time to listen and really process what you're saying before he responds. And when he DOES respond, it's filled with such.... well, WISDOM! And he's able to cite biblical references and I just felt so... safe in his response. If that makes sense. I'm so glad he's going to be sharing this gift from God with others. Happy first day of school!

Britt said...

Jesse's first day of school picture!
Did Renae enjoy her birthday? Even though it was brief, I really enjoyed seeing/talking to you guys on Thursday!