Monday, August 23, 2010

Today is Brought to You by the Letter F


Bible Story:
Jesus feeds the 5000 with 2 fish and 5 loaves of bread
Click here for a cheesey YouTube video version of the story.

Falda (skirt)
Fiesta (party)

Person to pray for: Fede

I also wanted to share that I have 2 main points I'm trying to teach Renae in each Bible lesson we learn, as well as through daily life. Don't think I'm that great . . . I haven't talked about our 2 main points in forever! But today's Bible story reminded me of these 2 great lessons. So here are the 2 questions I ask Renae, and the answers that we talk about as often as I can remember:

What does Jesus want us to know? That God is good.

What does Jesus want us to do? Help others.

What are some things you do with your kids to teach them some basic spiritual truths? I'd love some new ideas! Also, what kids Bibles do you use?


kpjordan said...

Thank you, Julie for teaching these truths to Renae during her school time!!!

Britt said...

That God loves them ALL the time - even when they are bad. He might not like what they do, and their actions might make Him sad / have consequences. But HE ALWAYS loves them. (and them relate it to Dan and I loving them, too)

God cares about the heart and attitude - not outward appearances. (in others and ourselves)

When people are mean (in words or action) - try to remember they probably don't know how much Jesus loves them. They're not happy.

God wants EVERYONE to know how much He loves them. Not to keep it to ourselves. (and talk about practical ways to do this. Sharing food, toys with others. Being kind in action and words with others so they see Jesus in us)

WOW. I got to rambling (big surprise!)
I think I used this as a good REMINDER of what I need to REMEMBER to share with my children even more often! :)


PS - I "borrowed" your school prayer for people idea! Everyday during our opening prayer we will be praying for either family, friends, needy, or leaders. So about every 2 weeks your family will be prayed for by Ethan, Kaylin, and Krystin :)
Thanks for the great idea!!!