Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Enjoying a Saturday . . .

Who better to draw with than Grandpa the art teacher?

Renae loves to draw.

And ride her bike! (With arm floaties of course)

Daddy's turn to steer . . .

What a cheeser.

Mommy's turn to steer.

Sammy's turn for a diaper change.

Sammy sat looking the window for about 20 minutes. He loved watching Grandpa mow. Such a boy.


P_31Girl said... training wheels? What a big girl! I love all Sammy's fat rolls!!

Beatriz said...

Jajaja, here in Spain we use training wheels, we didn´t know that arm floaties work just the same!
I can´t believe Sammy´s legs, what are you feeding him?

Britt said...

These pics look familiar.
Is MOM updating your blog, again, Julie?! ;)

J. et K. said...

There is no way she is old enough to ride a bike! Wow. That's just crazy.