Monday, August 16, 2010

A Weekend Away!

Jesse's life starts getting totally crazy this week as he starts his second job, and orientation for classes is this week as well. Since he wasn't scheduled to work last Thursday-Sunday, we decided it was a perfect last opportunity to get away. We headed to the Grandparents house for a time of relaxation, food and of course, the hot weather. If you read my Mother-in-law's blog and my blog, please visit her blog first because I did a few posts for her this week and you need to see these pictures there first. It's her first update since February! You'll notice a common theme in these pictures . . . no Penni! I downloaded pictures from her camera onto her computer and I realized there were none of the photographer. Oops. Maybe when I can get in the habit of taking our camcorder with us, I'll actually start taking pictures of my own!

Sammy enjoys the splash pad.

Renae loves it too . . . anything with water she loves!

Can you see Sammy's signature look?

Renae and Grandpa run through a fountain.

Turns out Sammy wasn't as fond of the water as we thought.

Daddy to the rescue . . .

"Here Grandpa. You collect the water like this."

More pictures to come . . .


Jenny said...

What a fun weekend! I'm lovin' the tattoo on Renae's arm. :) I never got around to leaving a comment on your last post, but that exact same thing happened to me two weeks ago. I have some study materials for sale on CL and I THOUGHT I had a buyer...until she said that she sent me a money order for more than the amount agreed upon and could I please credit her the extra money. I was mad. I love your website and hope you have a full class sign up!

kpjordan said...

We were so delighted you could come spend some time with us! Thanks again for coming. The house was sure quiet when you left. No one around to ask "why?" all the time. No little crawler screaming and grunting and slapping his little hands on hard surfaces. A great way to end our summer vacation!!!! (And thanks, Julie for updating my blog. great pics!!! )

Britt said...

I love the pic of Jesse consoling Sammy and the second to last pic of Renae.

Dee said...

There's just something about little ones playing in water that make for great photos and happy hearts.

Thanks for getting Penni's blog updated too, I'll go there next.

Beatriz said...

Renae is really having a great time!... I loved Jesse and Sammy pics they look lovely!