Sunday, July 25, 2010

That's All I Needed

I said I needed a little break. And I did. And I still need a break from writing things that may be funny, but actually come from a deep feeling of brokenness for the post-modern, unchurched, dechurched, lost of this world. A lot of the things that you'll see me write about on this blog in regards to our lives here at seminary are tongue in cheek, but are also the only way I know how to convey some of the inconsistencies I see with "religion."

Speaking of religion, I heard a great quote today. Religion says, "we're here to make sure you do something you don't want to do." (Read your Bible, go to church, share your faith, etc.) A grace filled relationship with God causes us to want to do what we are supposed to do. (Read your Bible, go to church, share your faith, etc.) It's a beautiful thing to be in a relationship with that kind of God. One who loves us enough to give us the Holy Spirit to convict, encourage, correct and in my case, make me cry when I'm all verklempt thinking about how awesome relationship with God is. Yes, that happens. If I think too hard about how good God is, and how much he's radically changed me, my husband and our marriage over the past 3 years, well the tears start a-flowin. This happens often during my runs in the morning. I'll be running along and the hands come out to flap away the moisture. (That doesn't work very well, fyi.)

I may have just said that last part so that you're impressed with the fact that I exercise daily. What I should say, is that it's on my schedule each day (Mon-Fri) and there are lots of days that I miss. I think the real thing I need to change on my blog is that I need to write more about my own inconsistencies if I'm going to write about all the inconsistencies I see when I walk out my front seminary housing door. So here is my first inconsistency: I threw in that tidbit about running in the morning so you'd know I'm "one of those" Moms who makes time to run. So I'm also "one of those" proud, self-righteous types too. Dang it.

I really appreciated all the kind comments people left me (and the few emails too.) I can't stay away from anything too long so I'll be back. I just don't know what I'll want to write about.

Wow. This was one of the most random, personal blog posts I think I've ever written. I've always said I didn't want to be "one of those" (I love that phrase) bloggers who just go on and on about their thoughts. So I apologize for this post and any that follow it's example.It probably stems from spending the past half hour reading this blog. It's my new favorite and I've added it to my blog roll so that you can know when she updates. Thanks Kari for the vine (whatever that phrase means. I'm just using it to sound more blogsmart. See? I am proud! Wow . . . what a weird post this has become.)

One more thing. When I say I heard a quote the other day, what I usually mean is, "I heard a really cool thing come out of someone's mouth and I can't remember exactly what they said but here is my paraphrase." So don't quote me on anything in this blog . . .


Jenny said...

I'm glad you are back...I don't really care what the heck you post about, I just like to read whatever you write. As for running, guess what? I'm trying really HARD to run with Tom. It's his new passtime. Once a week he even runs like 6 or 7 miles! Anyway, I HATE to run, and you know that I CAN'T do it! But it's important to Tom that I try and he wants us to have something we do together. So, I'm trying...and I HAVE to be in better shape before I can birth another child. I'm still walking half of our 2.5 mile route, but I did it 3 times last week! And I HATED every minute of it so hold me accountable! Do you push Sammy and Renae when you go? You are a good runner so that is probably easy for you but i think it's HARD!

J. et K. said...

I agree with Jenny. Your posts are always interesting and fun to read - and in this case, also good material to process and chew on.

Along those lines, I just read Britt's update on her blog. Maybe we should start a three-way blog each 'fessing up to our inconsistencies in need of grace and God's faithfulness to forgive us. (Ha. Like I need another blog!)

ben.cuentas said...

If I'm not married can I read/comment on your blog?
I have something REALLY important to tell you!

Meredith said...

Love this post, Julie! I especially enjoyed reading about how you cry when you think about how wonderful a relationship with God is. I choke back tears every Sunday at church and have never been able to explain it. I think you hit the nail on the head for me here.

Melody said...

Funny...I had just written down your quote about a grace filled relationship with God because I loved it so much and then read your disclaimer at the bottom about the paraphrase. Ha! I like your paraphrase and will just add your name as the quoter. Love your blog and like your style!