Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Lessons from Writing

Before Renae was born, I read the book "Babywise." I thought so many aspects of it were great. Then I had Renae and quickly threw some of it out the window. Although there are some good tips in there, what I caught loud and clear from the book is that many times when your child is crying, they are just being manipulative and bad. Well, I can't agree with that 100% of the time, especially after having 2 children! As I've talked with other Moms about that book, many people heard the same message that I heard, despite the fact that there are lots of other (and some not so great) good tips in the book. So what's the lesson?

It doesn't matter what you say in a book . . . or a blog post. Whatever stands out the strongest is what others will hear. I received some feedback about my last few posts and I'm learning that I'm not very good at conveying some funny daily happenings without sounding very negative and judgemental. I apologize. That was not my intent and I thought each time that I brought it full circle by talking about how I need to see them as God sees them and learn from them. But lesson learned.

I think I'm going to take a break from blogging for a bit. I'm not sure how long. Until I learn how to kindly and humourusly convey my life here, it really is a stretch to blog about things that are fun for me to write about. Perhaps when I get a camera that works better I'll start blogging about the kids, but honestly, the personal blog thing has lost some of it's charm on me.

Again, I apologize for being overly negative and judgemental. We have met some GREAT people here and we are enjoying having friends so close by to hang out with! God is teaching us some great things and life is good.


Meredith said...

Please don't stop blogging! I love your posts and even after re-reading them today, I don't see the negativity. I know I can't be the only one who appreciates your humorous perspective!

Anonymous said...

I love your blog! It is so refreshing to read a blog by a "real" christian. YOur blog acutually helped me start re - thinking christianity - if more people were like you, I think more people would want to be Christians. Being real is hard sometimes - don't let those who tell you to respond in a certain way stop you from posting about your life. YOur posts are a blesiing.

Jenny said...

I'm going to join that crowd that begs you to continue your blog. :) How else will I get my Julie fill? You'll have to promise to email more and chat with me on the phone.
Maybe it's because I'm a former pw or because we've heavily considered seminary, but I totally found the humor in your blogs and appreciated the lightheartedness and the struggle to fit in. Since I know you, I know that you would never mean to pass judgment or sound negative. :) As for your last post, I laughed and I was going to say that I thought those stereotypes were only true in my head (and maybe at Dallas Theological Seminary) and not in real life. You and Jesse are going to be such a blessing to others for not living in the bubble.

J. et K. said...

It's a tough place to be. I went through a similar experience after a blog post I wrote on skin color. Don't go looking for it - I took it down ;)

It's a hard line to walk. I never meant to offend people, but I did.

(And in my case at least, the comments really hurt my feelings - even if they were well-intended.)

I would hate to see you leave the blogosphere for even a temporary vacay, but if it's what you feel you need to do... Well, we'll just up the Skype calls :)

In any case, never doubt that you are a tool in God's hands, Julie. Whether in person, or on the blog. He uses you to share Himself with others.

the crawfords said...

I love how you write! you're funny! Not funny looking, but just funny! I'm a fan of moms who tell it like it is. moms who don't try to make motherhood or housewifing (yes i know that's not a real word) seem to be perfect. cause we all know it's not. complaining or putting your kids down is one thing, but I haven't ever thought that once while reading your blog. you just share to real "humor" of it all. BUT good point. That is why I don't do a person blog cause I would probably look like a jerk. :)

Beatriz said...

I just can´t believe it!!!! I couldn´t wait to get on line again and be able to read your blog and I read this???
You can´t stop blogging and let me tell you why:
1- You are really funny and whoever didn´t get your sense of humour is not fair. When you blog about Spain and Spanish people you were funny too, you talked about my country and my people and I may agree or not but I laughed all the time, because sometimes it´s not only how we think we are but how other people see us and we can learn a lot if we stop and see what a neutral observer thinks of us.
2- You are an inspiration. You know that I love speaking English but reading it, well, not that much. The way you write, the things you say are almost my only English reading... please don´t stop writting!
3- You are talking about a way of living that I almost know nothing about, your blog make me learn lots of things, you of all people knows that life here is very different!
4- I love your look about the reality around you, that´s what a blog is about, it´s your personal way to see life and I really care about it!
5- I miss you a lot and this is a lovely way to keep in touch with your life, you know I love your photos, of course, but I also love your writting.

Anonymous said...

Ahh Julie,
Don't beat yourself up too bad.
I caught your "I need to see them as God sees them and learn from them." bit. Sure, you could lighten up a bit on portraying all seminary campus people as hicks, but your heart IS good.
AND I definitely do NOT want to stop seeing pics of you guys or hearing what God is teaching you!
Britt :)
ps - word verification is "cheat" - remind Jesse to NOT do that ... especially since he's at sem ;)

Christy said...

Well, as someone who is planning on homeschooling, still wears a few clothes from college (only the cute ones, I promise!) and who has actually hosted a CRAFT night...I was not offended by this post. :) So I don't think anyone else should be either. Keep on keepin' it real.