Monday, July 26, 2010

Picture Stealing

Apparently I'm in the apology business lately. My camera bit the dust, kicked the bucket, went 6 feet under, you get the jist. So I can't take pictures unless I use our camcorder which currently has a full memory card and I guess I'm just being lazy about downloading pictures and videos form there. So first I'm going to apologize about being lazy in downloading stuff from the camcorder.

However . . . I came up with a brilliant plan to steal my sister-in-law's photos from Facebook. Last weekend, almost my entire family came down and we had a fun weekend swimming at the hotel pool, eating and enjoying being together. I got to play host for a few meals too which I always enjoy. And no, I didn't have to break the bank to pay for the food- I stayed UNDER BUDGET for the week, including our normal food plus the extra food for our weekend. I love not spending tons of money on groceries! Oh . . . and now I have to apologize for stealing pictures.

Now onto pictures and a little update about each of my kiddos.

This boy loves food so much he'll gladly suck on not 1, but 2 lemon slices. Crazy kid.

Sammy's newest thing is keeping me from getting anything done. He's totally mobile now and loves to climb on, climb in and grab whatever he can.

Sammy's twin (I mean uncle)

The boy is also into waking up way too early from his afternoon nap to stand up his crib. Thankfully today he finally fell back asleep . . . after I caged him into his pack n' play where he had nothing to hold on to.

Poor pitiful boy . . .

When Renae was this age, she was shaking her head no, waving and "talking" more. At this age Sammy is clapping, grunting, screaming and saying the one syllable he knows: Da da.

Although it may not be obvious, we DO feed him . . .

You'd think they were a bunch of 13 year olds . . .

Renae and her cousins

Little Miss Renae is one funny little girl. She's really into "reading" (usually her own language) out loud and repeating everything we say back to us as if we're hearing for the first time from her mouth.

Check out my hat.

She's pretty excited about her birthday "In August. I get gummy worms at my August." Can't believe she'll be 3 so soon . . . We are enjoying our times in the morning when Sammy is taking his nap. After my run she likes to count for me while I lift weights or do crunches. After counting to ten she sounds as worn out as a marathon finisher.

OK, one more picture of each. And there are no pictures of me. And it's not because I've gotten embarasingly fat that I don't want you to see how I've let myself go. Remember, I run in the mornings. :)


kpjordan said...

LOVE those last 2 pics!

Dee said...

Who'd have thought that a two-year-old could be your workout partner! :o)

Britt said...

I'm so proud of your thieving! :)

Jenny said...

Your kiddos are SO stinkin' cute. Sammy looks a little hungry...maybe you should feed him more. :) Sounds like your weekend was super fun!

Meredith said...

Sounds like such a fun weekend! So glad you stole some pictures...I just love seeing those cute little kids!

P_31Girl said...

Theif!!! I can't believe you would steal from me! By the way...there was one picture of you I REALLY wanted to post (from your pillow fight) but let's just say, I think you MAY not have liked the way you looked from the angle I took the picture!!!

J. et K. said...

Please steal more often :)

These are awesome.


Aunt Kari