Friday, July 16, 2010

All of This . . . for only $0.61

That is not a misprint. I got 2 Suave kids shampoo/conditioner in 1, 1 Suave shampoo, and 3 Suave body washes for only $0.61. Oh . . . and I got 3 Snickers too. I ate one on the way home.

In case anyone misunderstood my last post, I'll still be posting about my coupon adventures and lessons I'm learning, but I'm going to do it on this blog, and only as I have time. If you want to blog for income, you have to keep to the specified niche of the blog, blog often, and do a lot of networking on like minded blogs. That is what I didn't have time for. I still have time to release some verbal steam via this blog as I share with you what fun deals I'm getting. Thus . . . the point of this post.

So how did I get all of that for $0.61? Awhile ago I posted about CVSing. Today I was finally able to start rolling those ECB's. On a previous purchase, I earned $10 ECB's. This week at CVS, they had a deal for Suave products: 3/$5 on Suave shampoo, body wash or lotion. If you spent $10 on Suave products, you get $3 ECB. I also had 3 coupons for Suave products. So after coupons, the total amount of money owed was about $8.50. I had those $10 ECBs to spend so I used it to pay for the Suave products. BUT . . . when you spend ECBs, you also have to spend the full amount. So I needed to find $1.50 worth of things to buy to reach $10. I grabbed 3 Snickers at Buy 2 get 1 free, and the total due was $0.61! For all of those things that's a really good deal! AND . . . and . . . I still got $3 ECBs back which I will use on another purchase that will earn me more ECBs.

So do you get it? Can you see how CVS can be a goldmine for free or next to nothing stuff? If I would been more on top of it, I could have milked my $10ECB for even more on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. CVS had a deal on those days where you could buy a package of ball point pens, or a small pair of scissor for $0.99. In turn, you got $1 ECB back. ($1 for the pens, $1 for the scissors.) Had I done that, I could have recieved $5ECBS back and spent only a few cents!

I'm so glad to finally have a better hang of things. And you can't beat getting things for practically nothing!


Jenny said...

That is pretty awesome! I'm still confused about ECB. I think I just need to give it a go. I think walgreens hates me (coupon drama) so I'll be switching to CVS. :)

Sarah said...

but SUAVE?!!??!!??! c'mon Julie, you're killing me! ;) (you know i had to give you a hard time) xoxo!

J. et K. said...

"And you can't beat getting things for practically nothing!"

Ummm...especially if some of the things are CHOCOLATE!

kpjordan said...

Truly, you have a dizzying intellect.