Saturday, September 5, 2009

A "You-Know-What" Hider

This is my new "must-have"

When I was pregnant with Renae, a teacher at school who'd recently given birth showed me a "Hooter Hider." She told me how wonderful it was, and highly recommended I get one for myself. There is boning in the very top part so the Mom can look down and see how the baby is eating, without having to reveal herself. I remember thinking they were nice, convenient and cute, but not necessary. Then, when I had Renae and began nursing, I stole the idea from my friend Kari of tucking the corner of a blanket in a place where it would stay. I thought it worked pretty well. But then Renae got bigger, and I didn't really like exposing the brassiere strap, and she also began to get fiesty with her legs and would sometimes kick the blanket hard enough to pull it out. By the time I was done nursing around 8 months, I decided I should have started out with an adorable You-know-what hider. This time is different.

So I asked my sister-in-law Julie to make me one and she graciously said yes!!! Because it's labor day weekend (who knew?) my family in Iowa is all together and the ladies went shopping and looked for fabric for me. Julie sent me about 5 pictures of fabric to choose from and since she knows me well, it was very hard to choose! I ended up choosing the fabric below and I can't wait until my Mom arrives with the finished product. Of course, I just can't wait until my Mom arrives, period.

Can't wait to see it completed!

This time I'll be a much hipper nursing Mom. Because THAT is what's important, right? ;) Oh the things that make me happy! THANK YOU JULIE!!


alan and steph said...

I have the hooter hider and LOVE it!!I'm sure you will love yours. Oh the things that make moms happy!

Christy said...

ditto, i love mine too!!! a MUST with feisty nursers. :)

WendyPierce said...

My sister in law is sitting next to me using one RIGHT NOW, as i read this. She says it's the best.

Scott & Julie said...

I'm feeling some pressure here. And I decided that I can no longer make it until you give me the name of your baby.

Otherwise I'm going to go out and get the polka dots.

J and J Masson said...

julie i told you, the last initial is M. there. it's something right?

Mandi said...

Saweetness!! and HEhe to Julie's comment ;-)

Kari said...

OH yeah, I ended up getting one of these after a few months with worked so much better!! Loved it!

Chad & Amy said...

I'm very disappointed...Hooter Hiders are not very culturally appropriate...just whip it out there like the rest of them!
...just kidding :)

Love the fabric!