Monday, September 21, 2009

A Retreat from the City and from English

Piña de Horeb

We attended a retreat with our Spanish church this past weekend and had a great time. It was so nice to get out into some open space, and be completely surrounded by Spanish 24/7. You may be surprised that our lives aren't like that usually, considering we live in Spain, but when a family of Americans live in one place you can bet lots of English is spoken at home. We try and speak Spanish to Renae when we are around spanish speakers, and out in public, and of course when we are in a situation with other Spaniards, we speak Spanish (as much as we can).

Renae and Irene during some of the worship. The usually really like each other.

Baptisms in the river

On Saturday morning, we had the wonderful blessing of watching 5 people get baptized. It was neat to hear their stories of how they came to be followers of Christ, and why they were getting baptized. Each person could select one person who had been instrumental in their walk of faith to help the pastor with the baptism. I thought this was a really neat idea.

Lots of puppies roamed the camp ground! Renae was in heaven!

Renae was also sleep deprived . . .

Enjoying the beautiful fall-ish weather.

Renae has fallen in love with swings!

And I keep falling in love with her over and over again!

Walking back from lunch we found some grapes.

"Daddy . . . do I get some?"

Of course she does . . .

Can you tell Renae has become quite the Daddy's girl?


Yes, I was there too.

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