Friday, September 11, 2009

A Little Bit of This . . . A Little Bit of That . . .

A group of ladies were visiting from the states and volunteered to watch Renae this past week. Of course, we were thrilled to get a night on the town with free baby-sitters! One thing that we've really, I mean really missed, is having Grandparents in town to watch Renae.

Look familiar?

So once instructions had been given, Jesse and I hopped on a bus and headed into town with no stroller, sippy cups or wipes. I would say we went kidless, but I am still carrying around 1 kid. He's just super easy to take anywhere.

Attempt at a long arm shot.

Speaking of being pregnant . . . it's worth it! We decided to try Madrid's Hard Rock Cafe which is located in the Plaza de Colon. Although temperatures are still pretty warm during the day, the evenings are gorgeous and when we saw the restaurant had an outdoor eating area, we jumped at the chance to enjoy a date night out in the fresh air. However, it looked like all the tables were full and there was already a waiting list. So we gave up on the idea of sitting outside and told the hostess we needed a table for 2. He then asked if we wanted to eat inside or out. We said we'd love to eat outside, but was there any available tables? He told me that because I'm pregnant, I get priority seating and as soon as a table is available where I want to sit we'd get a page! No being put at the bottom of the list and waiting forever for the perfect date atmosphere. I could get used to this kind of treatment.

Long arm shot attempt #2. (The Hard Rock sign can just barely be seen above Jesse's head.)

The food hit the spot and the atmosphere of Hard Rock Cafe was just what we enjoyed. And we especially enjoyed seeing a couple out with twin 1 year olds who were screaming a good part of their parents meal. We felt bad for them, but glad for us that we were (almost) childless that night.

Ripping it open small piece by small piece.

Moving on . . . Renae's Aunt, Uncle and cousins sent her a birthday present! There were a few gifts for her little brother too and we enjoyed opening a package from family.

Swimming butterflies

"Thanks Aunt Britt and family! I love these butterflies and can't wait to use them in water!! Mommy also says she loves the pacifiers you sent for my brother because those are the kind she was wanting to get!!"

This is just a random video from a few weeks ago. Renae and I had to meet Jesse in town for something and while we waited, Renae ate her lunch from home and half of my smoothie. What a mootcher.


Kari said...

Renae is so cute and reminds me of Eli taking any chance he can get to slurp out of my straw anytime we are out :)

kpjordan said...

Way too cute! And did she leave any mango smoothie for Daddy?
And we miss being able to babysit our grandchildren!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We have lots of room when you come "home".

P_31Girl said...

Yay for videos of Renae!! She is getting to be quite the talker

Jenny said...

So cool that pg women get special treatment! That's the way it should be! Growing a baby is HARD work...the least we should get it priority seating.

J. et K. said...

I love the part where she tried to look into the straw. She's such a foodie - interested in the source ;)

Scott & Julie said...

Did she just say "Si?" at the end of that video?! Good job!!!

Anonymous said...

Ok - first the video. I love her face at the beginning and I like it when she tries peering down the straw :)
Second - glad the package arrived. I was so excited to find those pacis. When Krystin was a baby (and, as you know, she was our paci girl) I could NOT find them anywhere, except by expensive mail order! So, I'm glad you were wanting those, and FYI - they are at Wal Mart now :)