Saturday, September 12, 2009

Go Iowa State!!

Reger family, you better cheer loud today!!! Wish we could be there!!! Renae is now walking around the house saying "Go sallcones" which is her version of "Go Cyclones." Papa, Tarica, Aunt Becky R, Trey . . . don't even bother commenting today. ;)


P.S There is another short video of Renae on Facebook.


J. et K. said...

That's quite the little halter top she's sporting :)

kpjordan said...

Great training, Mom!

kpjordan said...

I see she noticed that the cyclone on her bib was the same picture that was on the computer. She's a smart girl.

P_31Girl said...

Oh Julie...what to say, what to say? I guess we'll just say...THE BEST TEAM WON!

kpjordan said...

Trey, aren't you a Cyclones fan?

Anonymous said...

That's our niece!
Good parenting, J and J :)
(I've been so busy past few days that I missed the post on our package getting there -- glad the bib is already getting use!)

Anonymous said...

It's so fun to see and hear Renae talking. I was hoping that this century the 'Clones would have a football team. Je regret. Love, PAPA