Thursday, February 5, 2009

Renae's 10 Random Things . . .

Hey everyone. My Mom tagged me to write 25 Random Things about myself. I told her that my attention span isn't that long, and asked if I could do 10 instead of 25. She said that was fine. Whew! So here is my list of 10 random things!! I happen to think I'm a very interesting person.

1. I love to wear my red cowboy boots. I have gotten very good at putting them on by myself. However, when the pointy part is pointing away from my body, they kind of hurt my feet. I don't know why.

2. When I lie in bed at night I'm telling my stuffed animals a story. Mom and Dad think I'm just "jabbering" but really, my animals get scared so I calm them down with a story.

3. I can actually say the words yes and no. However I choose to only say no because it's funnier. I aspire to be a stand up comedian someday

4. Reading books upside down is the best way to experience a story!

5. Everyone thinks that Uncle Trey is my favorite. But I'm just following through on a deal I signed the first day I met him. What can I say? I honor my commitments.

6. When I point at things, I'm NOT trying to tell you what it is that I'm pointing at. I'm describing why that thing does what it does, and how the physics of it work. Duh.

7. I DID hear my Mom and Dad say a fake "Yay . . ." when I was born. It's ok, I won them over. I'm a forgiving person.

8. If I could eat only one thing the rest of my life, it would be peanut butter and jelly. Or chocolate. Or juice. Hmm . . . . ok so I don't know the answer to that one.

9. When I get really nervous, I picture people wearing diapers and red cowboy boots.

10. Running around naked after my bath is my favorite thing in the world!

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Rachel said...

Wow, your baby girl is soooo cute. I love reading your posts. You and Jesse seem like great, fun parents. Congrats on all the joys in your life!

Mandi said...

Ok ok, Tanner did it! Check it out!