Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Our Weekend Vacation

We took a much needed break and headed north to visit some friends for the weekend. We spent the weekend skiing and sledding in the famous Black Forest (I didn't find any crumbs from Hanzel and Gretel) and relaxing at our friend's place. It was a great break.

The view from the top of the sledding hill. Can we say beautiful?

Saturday it snowed part of the day, and Sunday, well, we got to enjoy the glorious aftermath.

Did anyone else make tunnels from the snow piles left over from the snow plows? Well this is one HUGE tunnel. There were multiple entrances into this massive man made igloo.

Before we hit the slopes. Before the bruises.

This is how we went up the first hills we skiied/snowboarded down.
I made a fool of myself THREE times as I forgot that I'm not supposed to put all of my weight on the lift thingy. The second time, I practically knocked the old man helping me over. And one time, I turned around to look at Jesse behind me, and I lost my balance and fell. It was too funny. I just skiied down half the hill that time . . .

This was us on a real lift. And at the top we got turned around and went down the other side of the mountain. It took us awhile to get back to our starting place.

This was down in one of the valleys we found while trying to ski our way back.

Us at the end of our fabulous day. It was quite an enjoyable "date day." We enjoyed laughing at each other as we fell and made fools of ourselves on the lift. (Did I mention that one time Jesse fell on the lift and hung on? He was drug on his back for about a quarter of the way up the mountain. He let go when he worried he would burn a hole in his coat.)

The girls! They did snow shoeing while we did the real stuff.

No way! I must have skiied right past them . . .

Back at the house that night, this is how we found the guys entertaining themselves. It was quite funny to listen to.

The view from the house. They live in a German "williage."

On Sunday, we stuck to sledding. We thought Renae would love it . . . If you look closely, you can see she did not.

But she did enjoy putting snow and pinecones into the sled.

Listen for the cry at the beginning . . .

"Mmmm! Pinecones!"

"Can I eat this Mom?"

Back in the "lodge" warming up.

Renae had her first taste of hot chocolate. She luuuuved it.

A German tradition is to go eat cake on Sunday afternoons.

Renae is picking for us I see . . .

That tiramisu was gooooood. And so was that trip. Ahh. Just what we needed.


Jenny said...

What fun and how beautiful. Renae looks more like Jesse everyday!

P_31Girl said...

Sounds like you had a great little vacation! I'm with Renae...I'd rather be in the lodge with hot coco and cake!!

Jonathan et Kari said...

Looks like fun - and COLD! Thanks for the pictures.

Scott & Julie said...

Oh Julie! I'm so jealous that you got to visit the Black Forest. Germany's forestry education goes back A LONG TIME and is renowned (sp?) around the world. I always wanted to visit it because it is so famous and beautiful. I wish Iowa had something like that.

kpjordan said...

I would have gladly babysat LP while you guys went sledding. So glad you were able to have such a fun day and that you enjoyed much laughter together.

Dee said...

Was that a Univ of TN "T" hanging on the wall?

The rest of your post...too cold for me. Brrr.