Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentines Day!

Renae would like to say "I Love You!" to some very special people . . .

Uncle T-bone and Tarica, I'm almost as cool as you! Let's make my Mom go crazy next time we are all together!

Ethan, Kaylin, and Krystin, why do our Mom's make us pose for pictures? (I still love you Aunt Britt, and Uncle Dan, I guess you are a photo victim like your kids . . .)

Grandpa, I can't wait for you and Grandma to take me to the park soon!

Papa, my Daddy is weird sometimes. Will you come visit me so you can teach him how to not be so silly?

Hey Taylor and Addisyn, do you think we'll have to carry this many flowers at the wedding? Aunt Julie and Uncle Scott, can I have a sleep over with my cousins?

Uncle Trey, this cheese face is all for you. (Please show Aunt Kari your own version of the cheese face.)

Thank you for the Valentines Day package Nana and Grandpy! Mommy and I are making the cupcakes today!

Aunt Heather and Uncle Michael, I'm practicing my dancing skills for your wedding. Daddy is teaching me. I can't wait to see you!!!!! (Tyler-does Michael know how to dance yet?)
And this is Jesse and Renae arguing over the color of the Red ring . . .


Jenny said...

Happy Valentine's Day! The video is so funny! It really made me miss you guys!

kpjordan said...

Do I see a little bit of Uncle Trey in Renae in that video clip? :o) Those pics are so cute, we can hardly wait to come and squeeze her!!! Love the cheesy grins...too cute. My goodness, we did not realize that she has so many teeth! She looks so grown up. Her little pony tails are adorable. Oh, we can't wait...we're coming just as soon as we can!!!!
Grandma and Grandpa

kpjordan said...

PS...Jesse, the flowers are beautiful. You are so faithful to continue to be romantic with Julie...your girls are so blessed. (And I know so well, that you are too)

Jonathan et Kari said...

i like the post.

Jonathan et Kari said...

This is possibly my favorite post ever!

Love, Aunt Kari

P_31Girl said...

I'm pretty sure Renae beats us in the cool department...but that doesn't take much! Cannot WAIT to see you guys!

Anonymous said...

Don't argue with a 1 year old... it is futile ;)

Anonymous said...

... Oh yah -
and thanks for the V-day pic!
Cute series.
My "over-photographed" family thanks you, too!

Anonymous said...

I thought we ALL knew that "bing" meant "ring". The fact that the object in question could incidently be described by the adjective "red" does not disqualify my smart little granddaughter from being correct.
Hilarious! Love, PAPA