Friday, June 6, 2008

Trip to Chicago-Part 3

Sunday was our last day with Nana and Grandpy and Grandma. We went to a park and enjoyed being in the sunshine!

"I sure do love my Grandpy!"

I had to get the hind view of Renae crawling away . . .

My favorite Mom and Mom-in-law.

Renae gave Grandma a big kiss. (One was for Grandpa too!)

If you know Penni, you know why I had to take this picture. :)

Monday we were all alone. :( So to kill time, Renae and I went into Downtown Chicago and hung out on the Navy Pier.

The long arm/timed shot doesn't work as well with a 9 month old . . .

But this long arm shot did!

Renae's bed on the way home. MUCH better!


kpjordan said...

Julie, thanks so much for posting all the pics. Can't belive it's been a whole week already! Had so much fun being with you. It turned out to be a blessing for family that your visa did not come in before you left. Of course, that's selfish. But I'm still thankful for the opportunity to get to see you and Renae again...a gift from our Father.

Scott & Julie said...

That great long arm shot shows a tall building in background. Scott and I ate at the very top of that building for our 5-year anniversary. I love Chicago. I love that stroller too.

lankris said...

Looove the new pics! Renae is getting HUGE! And, is that a new stroller? Did you trade in the SUV? Love you guys!