Thursday, November 18, 2010

Need Christmas Cards?

Have you heard about this great new card company yet? You will love it if . . .

  • You're a hippy. Their cards are all eco-friendly!
  • You're passionate about loving orphans. 10% of all proceeds go to World Orphans.
  • You love to travel. Many of the beautiful original photographs come from exotic places around the world.
  • You're sick of cheesy Christian cards that only speak Christian-ese.

Sound like you? Then you need to check out the Red Letter Paper Company in time to get those Christmas cards purchased!

They are also doing a giveaway contest. Become a fan on Facebook, do a Tweet about them, or share a link on your blog. Then leave a comment letting them know you did it and your name is entered to win. Click here for more details.

And here is my list of people most likely to love this company and pass it on to their friends . . .

Mandi, Jenny, and Jess I know you all too well! :)


J. et K. said...

You are awesome.

I think I qualify on all levels: hippy, orphan-lover, traveler and fan of non-Christianese :)

Stephanie said...

Thanks for the post! :)