Monday, December 6, 2010

New Blog Title, New Blog Expectations

OK. I'm a wee bit blogged out, and I'm sure you've noticed . . . I really don't post much anymore.

Life has been harder than usual since moving to seminary land. Reverse culture shock comes in many different forms, and apparently can creep in almost a year after arrival back in the States!

Time for blogging doesn't really exist. Inspiration does . . I mean, my kids ARE still super cute! But again . . . the time factor.

So feel free to keep reading about our lives here, but you will need to seriously lower your expectations of how frequent I'll be updating. I can't promise more pics will be up on Facebook either . . .

So here is the quickest Masson family update I can think of:

Jesse-UPS. 3AM. Office Depot. Almost done working at Office Depot. Yes! Promoted to a supervisor at UPS. Woot woot! (after only 3 months of working there!) Full time school. Stressed. Finals this week and next. Stressed. Good looking and sexy.

Julie-The Mom Life. Teaching Spanish. Cutting out classes for next semester. Working about 10 hours a week. Needs some friends. Still couponing. Felt. Christmas presents. Needs some friends. Needs a gym. The Mom Life.

Renae-Sings. All the time. Extrovert. Loves Spanish class. Top in her class. Almost night potty trained! Such a fun 3 year old.

Sammy-All boy. Loud. Getting into everything. Bad sleeper. Took out morning nap. Now a great sleeper. Dang it. Loud. Getting into everything. Loud. So funny. Signs please. Loud. Almost walking by himself.


Mark, Kendra, and Evan said...

I know your pain!!! "The Mom Life"...perfectly put...
Take care! :)

J. et K. said...

Brilliant update, Julie. You captured yur fam very well in that post. Although it did take me a second to understand 'Felt'. But once I figured out Jesse wasn't involved... :)

I understand that 'needs friends' description. It's a hard place to be, especially when one of the reasons it's hard to find commonalities is because God has stretched you in a new way. You don't want to ignore that and go back to your pre-stretched self, but it's hard to find people who understand the stretching we've been through. So I'll be praying for that for you. Thanks for your honesty.

The Beasley Family said...

I'm so glad I'm not the only one who cut out the morning nap before 16 mos. Except some days that one nap is only 1 1/2 hours. Ugh. I get nothing done. Miss you, Hoolia! Skype soon!

Beatriz said...

It´s great hearing from you... and this telegraph way is fun... I can´t imagine how hard is your life there how I wish you were all still here and hear my little Renae singing! And Sammy and Jaime being loud... well, now that I´m thinking about it that may not be such a good idea ;).

Britt said...

Great Post, Julie.
Love your humurous family updates.
Yet at the same time I love your honesty as well.
I will start praying for really awesome friends to connect with you soon!
(And tell Jess I'm praying for his finals, too)