Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Masson's First Halloween

It all began with a pumpkin . . .

It's been 3 years since we've been able to have some Halloween fun.

And 3 years ago Renae was only 2 months old so . . .

. . . we didn't really get to experience the joy of watching our child trick or treat.

But this year we got to watch this cute little flamenco girl eat Halloween up!

Literally! (What a cute little Spanish girl she is.)

And have you met our new puppy?

He likes to crawl away from us as much as possible.

Looking for a doggie treat.

Instead Mom made him pose for a picture!

Renae and her friend "Rowie." Inseparable on Halloween night.

The puppies had it nice . . .

"Do you see my loot Daddy?"

A cowboy always needs a flamenco dancer by his side.

Waiting her turn for some of the goods . . .

A cowboy, flamenco dancer, "pirate," and adorable puppy.

In love.


Beatriz said...

I love my flamenca girl... she looks so cute.... and Sammy, what a lovely puppy!... I think is the first time I see a flamenca with a cowboy in the same picture, though!

Dee said...

Love the first shot of "the puppy" climbing up the steps. Too cute. Would love to see some video of your flamenca dancer dancing - love to see the fringe swing... :o)

Anonymous said...

I LOVE the puppy from behind pics!!!
And Julie - you make a mean pirate when you smile :)

P_31Girl said...

Okay...I KIND OF get the cowboy..but where did the pirate come from??

Anonymous said...

Thank you or FINALLY updating! Missing my little people.


J. et K. said...

These are so cute! Very photogenic kiddos, you've got there.

Also love the Apple pumpkin :)

Jack and Sheryl said...

That's just flat out adorable.