Saturday, October 9, 2010

Sammy's 1st Birthday Party-(I am amazing . . .)

( . . . because the party guests haven't even left and I've got this blog post done!)

Moving on. Sammy's 1st Birthday Hamburger party was a success!

The younger guests.

The young guests.

The sweet chubby birthday boy.

New toy? No thank you. This card will do.

Renae loves the presents too . .

Fast food fun

Would you like to super size that?

You know how much of a fast food junkie Grandma is . . .

"Sammy, this is the ONLY time all year you'll get this. Trust me. Make the most of it."

A quick serious moment of pondering.

"Hmmmm hamburger."

What is with my children and loving their sweets??

Oh that's right. Key word: MY children.

Thankfully Sammy only received one noisy gift.

"Hey! Turn off your cell phone! I'm starting my performance!"

So glad Great Grandma and Grandpa could come!

"How is it that you are almost 1, little boy?"

At least we made Grandpa smile for the picture . . .

One happy little boy.

Possibly more pictures to come as I gather them off of others cameras. For now, I stand by the fact that I'm amazing for getting this post up on the same day of the party. Gotta go. I have an Iowa State football game to go too!!!


Beatriz said...

Gee, that was fast! Way to go, Julie!. I hope our box will be on Kansas by the 14th, but I´m afraid Sammy is getting more than one noisy gift this year, hint, hint ;)

Jenny said...

You are amazing, Julie! Sammy is just so cute. I want to kiss his fat little cheeks! The party looked very fun....Aiden got a little people ride on toy for his first birthday too! Have fun!

Dee said...

Well done, Julie, just don't expect it from others, though we had two b'day celebrations this week & I just finished posting the pics. It's an exhausting endeavor isn't it?

Kiss the sweet Sammy cheeks for me.

Peggy said...

Oh my gosh--Sammy is the CUTEST THING EVER! Love him!