Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Joining the Ranks of Swagbucks!

I recently joined this fun way to earn a few extra "cookies" in life. Swagbucks has been on my radar for about 9 months now as I watch friends and family Facebook status' change to say, "Mildred has earned 5 swag bucks!" Well now it's my turn. Here is how it works:

You sign up by clicking this link. Then you download the toolbar (optional but I recommend it) and start using Swagbucks like a search engine. That's pretty much it! As you search throughout the day, you'll be rewarded with a random amount of swag bucks. It does you no good to do extra searches in hopes of earning more. In fact, don't do that. You could be marked as spam if you do too many back to back searches of similar things. Just think of Swagbucks as your new Google. Enter in stuff you would normally enter into Goodle and you are set to go. I plan on using the swag bucks to buy Amazon gift cards. Because we have free shipping with Amazon prime, (are you a student? you could get it too!) I could get some good stuff for free! I have friends who say they earn about 50-100 swag bucks a week. If a Amazon gift card costs 450 swag bucks, that's not too bad of a deal, eh?

So click on this link and get started. No really. Please do this link so that I can get credit for referring you! :)


Jenny said...

I don't have time to do it just this second but I'm totally in! And I'll refer you!

Confessions of a Seminary Wife said...

Jenny, if you sign up from my link it automatically refers me! So please click on my link! Thanks! :)