Friday, October 1, 2010

Renae's 3rd Birthday Bash . . . a month after the fact!

It's a Pocoyo party!!!

Ice Cream toppings and a Pocoyo video playing in the background.

Pocoyo himself . . . in cake form.

Renae enjoys a bowl of ice cream in the backyard (Pocoyo water cup in tow)

Love this.

And this.

Enjoying the coloring table

And coloring with cousins.

We put Michael in charge of the piñata . . .

. . . and he eventually followed through.

Some of the partay guests

Little Brother enjoying time with the Grandpas

Aaaaaand I love this too.


Renae wasn't so sure why Pocoyo was hanging from a tree.

"Really? We're going to beat Pocoyo?"

Ready to go . . .

Swing Renae! Swing!

Taylor takes a turn.

Watching the demolition

Caedmon the champion busts him wide open!

Collecting the goods!

Opening presents . . . Renae had to try on her new crocs.

Pocoyo books from Bea, Jose and Jaime!!!

Notice the backpack? It went on and never came off . . .

Still has the backpack on . . .

Renae was so kind to share her stroller with Daddy . . .

Renae passed out cupcakes to everyone.

Nana gave Sammy a sneak peak of his 1st birthday.

This is pretty much how Renae spent the rest of her party.

Payton helped her know what to put in the stroller. A bear of course!

Sammy and Reagan . . . just chillin'.

"Here Sammy, have one of my chewed up crackers."

Renae is networking with the guests.

These 2 girls sure do like hangin' with each other.

Helping Renae with presents . . .

Helping Renae push the stroller . . .

Staying close incase Renae ever lets go of the stroller . . .

Chasing her down!
Whew! That took awhile to do! Now I remember why I hardly blog anymore.
1. I have no camera.
2. When I do have pictures to post, they are usually from Penni's camera which makes really pretty, high quality photos . . . but they take FOREVER to load.
3. Posts like this take 1.5 hours to upload all the pictures. No lie.
4. I think there was another reason but I can't remember.
We are celebrating Sammy's 1st birthday next week. I can't believe he's almost 1!!!! I'll try and get his pictures posted sooner than I did Renae's party. No promises though!
****All pictures except for 2 were taken by my wonderful mother-in-law. Thanks Penni!


Jenny said...

I guess that I knew that Renae was 3, but it didn't really sing in til I saw the pictures. SHE'S 3!!! AHHH! And Sammy is going to be 1! And you are the most creative party planer! I just may hire you. I so love the pictures of Renae's toe and of cute, chubby little Sammy. We miss you all so much!

Dee said...

I love the captions that you put with Penni's shots, especially the last one, "chasing her down!" LOL

Meredith said...

Great have such a beautiful family. Looks like a fun party!

kpjordan said...

I love your post, Julie. As Dee said, love your captions. I'd be happy to loan you my small camera until you get one, if you'd like. I can bring it to Sammy's party. Thanks for this post! So fun to see the pics again.

Beatriz said...

I love the photos, (the reasons you are not blogging, not that much, I miss your posts:)).
I can´t believe how big they are but Jaime has no problem to recognize Renae... or Pocoyo.
I wish we could share that great party with you, guys!

Anonymous said...

1) Great cake/pinata... as usual!
2) thanks for the pics!
3) I was going to tell what my favorites were, but I started naming about every 1/3 one :)
4) Looks like everyone had a great time.
5) Can't wait to see you guys!!!!!
6) Happy B-day to Sammy. We plan on giving them B-day gifts when we see them in person.

J. et K. said...

If you can get your hands on Jesse's mac, I can show you a way to make uploading these go WAY faster.

Renae and Sammy are so stinkin cute. I love them.