Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Grandparents Came For . . . .

. . . . . a work weekend! Big surprise . . . I took hardly any pictures of Penni and Kevin's time here. Penni took my share of photos. We were doubly blessed our 1st 2 weekends here in Kansas City. My parents moved us down and helped us unpack. (There is nothing like having your Mother around to organize your kitchen!) Then the 2nd weekend, Jesse's Mom and Kevin came down to help us with our big list of projects:

  • Paint the ugly 50's dresser a classic black and install new hardware.
  • Paint my white window frame black (hangs on the wall-love it. )
  • Paint Sammy's changing table white.
  • Build a cornhole game for us!!!
  • Strip the paint on our new (to us) washer and repaint it with Rustoleum.
  • Paint Renae's step stool black.
  • Rearrange the bedroom furniture (My muscles are useless-we needed Kevin's.)
  • Plant our garden! (It rained too much though and we weren't able to do it.)

I think there were more things on the list but you get the jist-we got a lot done! Almost all of the ideas were mine. The only one project I actually "helped" on was the changing table and Renae's stool. Both of which had to be finished and fixed by Kevin. (Who knew you could get a finger cramp from spray painting?) Thanks Penni and Kevin for help with all the projects!! Hopefully you can see more pictures of our weekend if Penni ever updates her blog . . .

We took a visit to the Crayola Store in Downtown KC.

The Crown Center was hosting a Clifford Exhibit-Renae loved it!

Driving the boat . . .

Grandma had a great idea for a make-shift swimming pool.
KC has a lot to see and do so feel free to come down for a visit! Our living room floor is waiting for you! :)


Jenny said...

I'm REALLY excited for the day when we are sleeping on your living room floor (but we aren't coming during tornado season...haha)! PLEASE post pics of all your projects! I'm ready for a virtual tour! I bet it looks so cute and I bet it feels awesome to be in your own home.

kpjordan said...

Julie, When I get my pics downloaded, I'll skype several to you and you can post if you wish. Little Miss Peanut's confidence shows in her walk and stance. Right? We were so blessed to be your guests! Can't wait to see you all again.

P_31Girl said...

We would like to reserve a place on your living room floor SOON! But we'll bring our air mattress!

Beatriz said...

AHHH! Now I know what a Crayola Store is! I had no idea, we don´t have that here. Renae looks really cute on pink :).
What a great idea the home made swiming pool!

Dee said...

Uh, Julie, you've just scared me out of ever visiting you - your lists scare me! :o)