Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Bottom Line

When it comes to finances, everyone has their own Bottom Line. I've decided there are 3 main Bottom Lines: Environment/Organic, Time, and Money. Let me explain how I categorize the stereotypical grocery shoppers.

The Hippies: These are the people who place the environment above all else. It doesn't matter if that bottle of cleaning spray costs $8.99. It's chemical free and won't harm the environment. The Hippies are usually found at food co-ops, organic grocery stores and in their own garden. To them, it's worth it to spend the money on something that is organic and chemical free.

The Yuppies: When I'm behind a 20's something wearing $100 shoes, talking on her cell while she absently unloads her groceries onto the belt, I know I'm behind a Yuppy. Or a DINK. (Duel Income No Kids). This woman doesn't care what she spends at the grocery store because she makes enough to pay for it. Sometimes these people come in the form of a Grandma who works full time and would rather spend her time with family. For these people time is their bottom line. They work full time so it's not worth it to them to spend the time clipping coupons. I fully expect and hope that one day I'll be like this. Sure, I will still look for deals, but there will come a time when my Bottom Line will not be money, it will be time.

The Penny Pinchers: That's me. My Bottom Line is money. I stay at home with 2 kids while my husband works part time and attends graduate school. Money is my bottom line because it has to be. We don't have the luxury of spending whatever we want on groceries. We have a budget and we stick to it. So to me, it's worth it to take the time to clip coupons.

Of all of these three types of people, not one is the correct way to live. You just need to decide what your Bottom Line is. Couponing can be frustrating for some if their Bottom Line is Time, but they think they "should" be clipping coupons. If you are a Coupons For Life! kind of woman, DON'T make those who despise couponing feel like they are less than the ideal woman. And you Hippies? We're glad you love saving the environment, just don't scoff as those of us who don't have the money to save it with you.

I hope you are enjoying reading about my coupon and money saving journey. But if your bottom line isn't money, like it is mine, I understand that you might not find the coupon tips that beneficial. Hopefully, you can still find the recipes and menu planning helpful. Let me know if there's something you'd like to see on my blog to help you with YOUR Bottom Line.


Anonymous said...

I think I'm between a hippy and a penny pincher. i'm not a hippy because of environmental issues though. some "hippy" things actually are cheaper. like making your own detergent, growing a veggie garden, hanging clothes on the line to dry, cloth diapering . . . those are the things that i'm interested in. i do appreciate the natural side of them, but more importantly the money saving side. BTW I do not have a clothes line or cloth diaper (though i'd like to) . . . so obviously there is a touch of the "yuppy" in me too!
good and fun post! my thoughts- do what works best for your family while living for Jesus. That's all that matters.

the crawfords said...

oh, byt way that was Jess. for some reason it posted it as anonymous.

Dee said...

I'm a hippy only in the physical sense ;o) My heart is a Yuppie but my bank account, which has the final say, makes me primarily a Penny Pincher.

Mandi said...

I'm with Jess - I'm between hippy and penny pincher. And my hippy reasons aren't for the environment (sorry Mother Earth) they are for my/my family's own health. Like gardening, or certain organic foods, etc. The other hippy things, like Jess mentioned (laundry detergent, cloth diapering, etc) are cheaper, so would that put me more on the penny pincher side?

Anyway, I have so many friends that save TONS of money couponing, and I read a bunch of blogs that help with it, but I think I need someone to sit down with me and walk me though it, because even reading through your CVS experience (and I even have a CVS card!) confused me!

I'm not sure which frugal blogs you follow, but here are a couple that are in my reader. I'm sure you already know about some or most of them, but here they are anyway ;)

Jenny said...

What a good post! I'm a middle man (woman). If I had the choice I would be completely hippie. However, while I do things for the enviornment, health is my main concern. I do pay more for health reasons on certain foods. But, right now I have to be a penny pincher too...which I'm ok with. Even if I didn't have to pinch pennies, I think I still would (most of the time). Shopping wisely is just being a good steward. Some organic things aren't beneficial and some truly are. I buy the stuff that matters most. Thankfully, in the cities I have options for organic foods that are very reasonable. And, like everyone, there are certain times when I pay extra for the time it saves.

I'm hoping to learn a lot from your blog, Julie. I am going to read more about CVS. Maybe I could get my favorite shampoo for cheaper. I do coupons when I have them, and I LOVE them. But, brand matters to me and I don't buy a ton of boxed or packaged stuff and there aren't a lot of coupons for produce and meat...which is frustrating. So, I try to shop the sales. And, our grocery stores are spread out so I usually only shop at 2. I think it probably saves more $ in gas that on food.

I love it when your blog often! Then I don't miss you as much! :)

Britt said...

I really enjoyed this post, Julie. Very insightful.
(Are you SURE you aren't in your
30's yet?!?!!!) :)

P_31Girl said...

Hmmm...did our conversation last night spur this post on? I am sadly a Yuppie! I am a DINK, and I work full time...and when I get home, I'm too stinkin tired to care about cost or health! I just want to eat and rest! Someday I will (prob not by choice!) be more of a penny pintcher! BUT I will say...I am a penny pincher in every other area of my life! So I guess there is hope for me!