Thursday, February 4, 2010

So What's Next?

We are officially back from Spain. Duh. It's been about 2.5 weeks since we landed in Des Moines after 2 attempted flights from Chicago. As we talk to people we haven't seen in 2 plus years we find ourselves answering this question often: So what's next for you two?

Kansas City-our future home.

The short answer is seminary. Not for me of course. I mean really, could you imagine me spending hour upon hour arguing theological issues with 30 year-old know-it-alls who carry pictures of their 5 children in their wallet? I don't think so.

Kansas City Bar-b-que . . . so good.

I'm looking forward to sampling more.

Jesse however is braving the treacherous waters of "cemetery" (southern Baptist joke-lingo for seminary). We're quick to point out that he's not going to get his masters of divinity or other pastoral or intelectual type degrees. No way. My always teasing and pestering husband is headed off to get his degree in Counseling. And because he gets asked this often, YES he does want to listen to people talk about their problems. As his very emotional and sometimes overdramatic wife, I have to say he's very good at helping the pyschos of the world see the truth in a situation and lovingly direct that person to calm down, chill out, and breath.

Spurgeon and the library. Jesse's new best friends.

The cheaper housing we hope to live in.

So what will life as a seminary family look like? I was able to gain a little bit of an understanding after our campus visit last weekend. We were able to talk to a current student and his wife. I asked them "Financially, how does it work?" Their response? "It doesn't." Great. But their reality was on paper, it never looks like it will work out but each month, God provides. Everyone makes some compromises, wether it means taking out loans, or having the wife work, or accepting help from various sources.

The brand spankin' new pricier housing. Maybe someday . . .

Our reality is that I'm still going to stay at home with The Girl and The Boy while Jesse attends school full time, works part time, plays jungle gym to the kids and gives me weekly therapy sessions. Seriously. I think he'll be able to fill up most of his practicum hours from home with me. Possibly Renae too as she kind of takes after me . . .

We enjoyed our time away without kids. Probably too much.

I won't be totally useless around the home though. I plan on becoming One of Those. You know which kind of Mom I'm talking about. The kind that makes her own baby wipes; cuts coupons from 50 different ads then argues with the store manager when he tells her she can't get 100$ of groceries for 10 bucks; sells items she could throw away on ebay just to earn a few dollars; buys items on sale just because they are ridiculously cheap; teaches Spanish lessons from home to help the family income.

OK, at least I know I can for sure do that last one well and stick with it. I also plan on learning how to better schedule my day so that I can spend some good quality time with my two awesome kids each day, and be totally willing to drop anything the minute Jesse says he has a spare moment to have fun with me by watching a movie or playing a game. Neither Jesse or I are huge planner or schedulers but we are entering a whole new world.

So we're diving in. And I'm going to be writing all about it on my new blog coming in May. If you're interested in hearing what our life is like living in a total Christian bubble with (most likely) a few weirdos, keep reading. When May rolls around I'm sure our life will get very interesting . . .


P_31Girl said... life is going to get very interesting in May also...... =)

Beatriz said...

How are you doing this?... It´s like you are moving to a different planet, not to a different country. It´s so exciting, I can´t wait to read more. Just seeing the pictures of your new home... the real one I mean, it´s so different from the life you had in Madrid... Just one warning: New life, ok but same Julie, please!

Anonymous said...

Here's another website that I that I like to spy help with all that couponing and budgeting stuff...

Mandi said...

Well, I can attest to the fact that Jesse will be an excellent counselor, seriously. I'm excited for your new chapter in life!! And I still can't WAIT to see you - hopefully next month, unless you head up here anytime soon!

Anonymous said...

Speaking as a former seminary wife--WAY back in the day--you're right about the weirdos thing. Unfortunately, oftentimes, the weirdos are in your own home staring right back at you in the mirror! But that's what makes it interesting. :)
Lori (aunt, that is)

On Mission With God said...

Hey, It looks like your baby sitters will be in KC in about one year from today.We love you all, Randy & Teresa

The Wife said...

yay, randy & teresa!! we look forward to seeing you guys :)


Dee said...

Give Keely a call/email - she's a successful coupon-er and she's teaching me!

Annie said... need to call me!!! we're going to be in the same city in about 4 months!!! send me your phone number!!! yay for being neighbors (kind of). annie

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David said...

Julie, you should delete the Chinese comment - not very edifying in English. I'm back from the mountain top :). Love, PAPA

Peggy said...

Hi Julie, I LOVE this post...more specifically your description of seminary. I almost went several years ago and then decided to go to Africa instead (best choice ever). Can't wait to hear all the weirdo stories!

Ray said...

Looking forward to being entertained and educated during this next phase of your lives! Do you need any language help in KC?