Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I've Become THAT Blogger

Yep. It's finally happened. I'm THAT person. I only update every few weeks, and when I do it's a random post about random things. I promise that once we are in The Bubble (aka living on campus at a seminary) I will update much more frequently. For now . . .

This past month saw us between  Jesse's Mom's place and my parents place. I can't believe we've been back from Spain for a little over a month! How fast the time has flown. For anyone that reads this blog that prayed for our transition I want to say thank you. We have all transitioned really well. Renae is absolutely LOVING all of the people and places to see here. I think one of her strengths is adaptability as well.

Jesse got a job working for my uncle which is a huge blessing! I knew our chances of Jesse getting a fulltime job for just 3 months were slim to none. We are now living with my parents and getting back into the groove of attending our phenomonal church and small group. It feels good to be back. Alright. That's all I have for now (and possibly the next few weeks if I continue to be THAT blogger.)

Ok . . . I updated to the new (new to me) blogger and I can't figure out how to get text below my pictures. And since the kids are waking up from their perfectly sequenced naps I don't have time to Google it. So . . . just know that Renae and Taylor are best buds, Uncle Dan came or a visit, Sammy and Beck finally met each other (and showed their school spirit), and I crossed a border and went to a Hawkeye game to watch one of my old small group girls play. Peace out!


J. et K. said...

The title of this post made me laugh :)

THANK YOU for pictures!! Sammy has gotten huge and Renae even cuter. (Who knew that was possible?) I love the picture of her and Taylor on the stairs (and here's how European I am... I thought 'how weird - they're on carpet!'), and the one with the glasses is awesome.

Thanks, Julie!

P_31Girl said...

It's okay...I'm one of THOSE bloggers too! Sometimes life is just TOO busy!

Beatriz said...

I didn´t know there were types of bloggers, I´m cleary a cheeter one :). It is so good to see pictures of you! Renae and Taylor really look like best friends and Sammy looks so big! How can he be so changed in a month?. Jesse´s job is a blessing, it was really something difficult buy as I can see anything is possible in America! I´m really glad for you, guys!

Anonymous said...

Nice update. (I might have to update mine soon, too) ;)
Is that Tricia N?????
-Britt :)

Chad & Amy said...

You look like you guys are having a great time. I'm glad the transition is going well.

The kids are growing so fast, and I can't believe that you have been gone for a month...not that we got to see you before you left :(

Missing you guys!