Friday, January 29, 2010

First Post from Iowa

We've officially been back in the state a little over one week. I haven't taken any pictures. Instead, I've been enjoying being around family, relaxing to some HGTV and Travel channel fun, and I've seriously enjoyed all the free baby sitting! The will power isn't working so well as there are too many options for yummy things to eat, but I'm going to try and nip my "hunger" in the bud.

Our trip back was fairily smooth until we were about 15 minutes from landing in Des Moines. The pilot came on and said that due to a mechanical problem we had to turn around to Chicago. Thankfully the airline put us up in hotel directly across from the airport. We ended up having an airline worker call someone to help us carry our 7 carry ons and 2 children to the hotel room. Renae had fallen asleep on the return trip to Chicago and was old cold. Jesse even changed her into her PJ's without so much as a peep.

We arrived in Des Moines about 12 hours later than planned but everything was OK. All 9 of our pieces of luggage made it (and I'm pretty sure the little plane we flew from Chicago to Des Moines carried only our luggage . . . .) Nana and Grandpy arrived to say hello to their newest grandson and give hugs to Renae. We opened presents at their place after a big Iowa breakfast of sausage and eggs. Yummy.

Here's what we've been up to since returning to Iowa
  • 1 trip to Arby's (for Julie of course . . . but Jesse got some too.)
  • 2 trips to Target.
  • 2 trips to Wal-Mart.
  • 1 trip to Best Buy (for Jesse of course)
  • A weekend visit to the other Grandparents house.
  • Multiple short trips outside of the house WITHOUT kids!
  • 1 trip to the urologist to talk about Sammy's snip snip.
  • 1 trip to the pediatrician to find out he has an ear infection (caused by the flight.)
  • 2 Survey of the New Testament classes (definetly not Julie)
  • Lots of hours reading and writing a paper for homework (still only by
  • Lots of hours trying to find where we packed all of our clothes . . .
  • Enjoying being around our family. It can't be beat.

On a date our last night in Madrid.

So good . . . thanks again Bea and Jose!!

Had to say good-bye to Sol . . .

. . . And one of my favorite views of Madrid.

Renae says good-bye to her buddy David at the airport.

We miss you Wilsons!

Renae enjoying a little preflight reading . . .

This is where we put Renae while we figured out if we'd been re-booked.

Two kids fast asleep, and us with all of our stuff. I can't believe all of it made it home . . .


Jenny said...

you need to add 1 visit with the kuphal's to your list! when do we get so see you guys? we love you!

Anonymous said...

Currently, it's 10 degrees F in Ames and 37 degrees in Meridian, :) Love, PAPA

Beatriz said...

At last! I was alredy missing your posts but I can see that you have been really busy catching up with the "American way of life", I´ve got to admit I´m jealous!.
I love the picture of Jesse and Renae in the Iberia plane I wish I could have been there but maybe it was for the best because I think I would have spend the hole flight crying.... I miss you, guys.

Peggy said...

I love calling it Sammy's "snip snip!"

Meredith said...

Glad to have you back on this side of the pond! Can't wait to see you all!

Chad & Amy said...

Glad you made it back! Wish we could have seen you one last time :( Keep in touch!