Saturday, January 9, 2010

Three Kings Day

The night of January 5th is the day when those infamous 3 Kings come to town with gifts. Since Jesse and I didn't buy our kids anything, we thought we should go to where the Kings were and see if they had any for them.

Our parade viewing spot at the Plaza de Colon. (Can you see Columbus pointing west?)

Sammy just slept the whole time . .

Jesse bought popcorn for us to munch on while we waited for the parade to start.

Renae is ready!!

And this is how the parade started . . a dancer suspended by balloons! It was really cool!

Next came some dragons. Naturally . .

Brilliant! People brought umbrellas to catch candy thrown from the floats.

One of the floats . . .
We were right by a TV tower so the lights on the tower sometimes made it hard for me to get good pictures of the floats. Bear with me.

Finally Renae got some candy!

And Pocoyo showed up! Renae enjoyed seeing him.

I attempted at family shot . . oops.

Incase you are wondering . . . the theme was cultures of the world.

Entranced by the parade . . .

Even the Americans were represented! It was a riverboat with a dixie band.

People on stilts . . .

Cool face balloon . . .

Renae led the way home despite the fact that we were nowhere near our house.

Walking down the middle of Alcala . . . not something we can usually do!

The next day, January 6th is the day when kids open their presents from the kings. Lucky for us . . . the 3 Kings left some gifts for Renae and Sammy at my friend Tep's place.

Rafa cuts the roscon. Somewhere in there is a toy king and whoever gets it will have a year luck!

Unlucky for us . . . this cake didn't have one. Oops!

Sammy the nerd relaxin'.

Renae wasn't feeling so hot that day.

A Flamenco dress! We have her Halloween costume ready for this year.

Thanks Tep!

And Sammy got a full body bib. He needs it.


kpjordan said...

What fun! What was Renae suffering with? You said she wasn't feeling well. I would love a print of your new family picture...but I can do that when you arrive here!

J. et K. said...

The nerd picture is AWESOME.

Nate and Natalie said...

What awesome sights you saw. You have gotten to experience so much over there, jealous! Love the picture with the Flamenco dress, Jesse looks like, "Um, on my daughter, we may just have to re-think keeping this dress."

Jenny said...

What a fun parade! The pictures look like that parade beats any American parade that I have seen. We are SO EXCITED to see you!

Jack and Sheryl said...

Oh, great, now the Tulip Time parade will never look as cool. :) Wow, what a fun time...good grief, the Spaniards really know how to live it up!

P_31Girl said...

WOW! What a fun parade! What great experiences and memories you will all have! (well, Sammy MAY not remember....)
I hear you are helping with our wedding cake!! THANK YOU!! But as I told Julie Ann, NO PRESSURE. You can back out (unless it's the day before the wedding, then I may have to kill you!!)

burseya said...

I love Renae's face when Jesse is holding up her new dress...haha, that looked like it was a pretty cool parade, and the umbrealla idea...totally smart, why didn't we think of that first?

Anonymous said...

The Roscom cake reminds me of Grandma Ruth's "Tea Rings", which she always made at Christmas time.
Only, hers were the best. Get home safely. Love, Papa

Scott & Julie said...

Is that Columbus statue the one they were working on in the middle of the round-a-bout?

It looked as if it was a lot of fun! Hope you enjoyed the holiday.
Reane looks as if she's grown some more hair since I saw her last. I miss that little peanut!

Beatriz said...

Gee, Julie,! Madrid parede was awesome. Jaime would have loved seeing Pocoyo. In Orense he got to see firemen on their truck (not that exciting for a 20 months old boy).