Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A Video for the Grandparents

Pictures of Christmas will be coming soon, but I thought I'd post a little video of Renae opening her presents for the Grandparents. They like to see this kind of stuff. The 2nd thing she opens is a DVD set of her favorite Spanish TV program "Pocoyo." She absolutely loves anything Pocoyo and quickly identified the main characters on the tin. You'll hear her say Pocoyo, Pato (spanish for duck) and Elly (the name of the elephant.) This will be like a little bit of "home" for her when we return to the states and hopefully will make her transition a little easier.


kpjordan said...

Thank you!!!! for posting this. Love it! Let's see...how many times will I watch this?

P_31Girl said...

Aww! SO CUTE! But someone needs to teach that girl how to tear into presents!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting.
Aunt Britt and 3 of Renae's cousins like watching videos, too :)
Great idea to bring a bit of Spain back with you for Renae.
And poor Sammy! Is he over his cough, yet?
(I figured that would be a great Birthday present for you if he felt better)

Scott & Julie said...

That was precious! I couldn't stand watching her face while she opened her gifts because she looked like she needed help....HELP THE CHILD!!!!

My poor little Renae, give her a hug from her aunt Ju-Ju.