Sunday, December 6, 2009

It's Beginning to Look Like a 2-Year-Old Helped Decorate . . .

I'm pretty sure Renae wasn't as tall as the pole last year . . .

The night we put up our Christmas tree began the list of "lasts" for me. This will be our last Christmas in Madrid. Sure, it's also only our 2nd, but as much as we love this city, it definitely feels like we've had many Christmases here.

Sammy wasn't much help . . . and eventually he fell asleep.

Every year at Christmas time I like to think about where we were the previous year and where we will be the next year. It's weird to think that just one year ago, Renae was still bee bopping around our place and had no interest in the tree decorating process. Sammy didn't even exist. Next year, Renae will be so much more aware of Christmas, and Sammy will be bee bopping around, probably terrorizing the Christmas tree. We'll also be living in Kansas City while Jesse attends seminary. What a difference a year can make!

Renae "fluffing" the branches

But for now . . . we are here in Madrid and we're trying to soak up every last bit of our time here. Spending time with our friends is high on the priority list. Enjoying Madrid at Christmas time is up there too. I love Madrid at Christmas time. The major streets are decorated with lights, the Christmas market in the Plaza Mayor, Cortylandia, and of course Three Kings day is another fun holiday celebration.

"Here you go Daddy!"

Eventually we'll have to face all of the lists of lasts. Last time to shop at the market where I get amazing meat and produce and chat with the nicest vendors. Last time to use the wonderful public transportation. Last time to attend our Spanish church. Last time to eat at Maceira's. The other last's I can't even talk about or I'll cry. (Bea, you know what I mean . . . )

Renae's way of fluffing left all the branches folded in half.

So, although we don't like being away from family, we are actually looking forward to a pretty simple and small last Spanish Christmas this year. We get to enjoy our little family of four, and presents will be a snap because we don't wany any more stuff to take back with us in January. Therefore, presents are limited to very very small packages!

Chili and the Polar Express. Not a bad combination.

And just incase you though I was getting too serious on this blog . . . we added to our Christmas tree tradition this year by watching a Christmas movie while enjoying the traditional chili and Christmas lights. I was so excited to see Renae enjoy the movie. Well . . . let's just say she must not be old enough to enjoy "The Polar Express" as she was more concerned with everything in the movie being "too loud" and ended up climbing on Jesse and I, giggling and tooting it up. Oh well. Next year may be different.

We're ready for Christmas!


Beatriz said...

I don´t want to cry yet, so I´m focus on enjoying our Christmas together....we had a great start: your Christmas decoration looks wonderful and we had a great time at Cortylandia and Belén.:0)

Jenny said...

Your tree looks really pretty....our tree has a couple miss branches already from a toddler playing in it. Enjoy your last Christmas in Madrid...and I can't help but be a little bit excited that you'll be at my house in February.

J. et K. said...

I love the new blog look and header!! Very cute.

Renae has gotten huge. She must stop. Not allowed to pass her Aunt Kari until at least 13 years old. (Okay. 10 years old.)

Looks like y'all are ready for a great Christmas. Enjoy every minute!

Anonymous said...

I really like your new blog wallpaper.
It IS so fun when the kids start enjoying the holiday traditions. We (meaning Dan) made chili for our tree decorating day, too. Hope you don't mind we stole your idea! ;)

Wendi Reger said...

I love the family picture at the top of the blog! Clever idea. Although you have many lasts in your beloved Spain, think of the friends you've made had you not gone at all.

Beatriz said...

What a beautiful picture of you four! . It´s just as a Christmas card!