Friday, December 4, 2009

Cortylandia and a Visit to Bethlehem


Today Bea and I took our kiddos to a famous Madrid spot at Christmas time. El Corte Inglés
is a large department store chain (think Dillards times 10) and each year they make a mural with characters that sing and talk. People who grew up in Madrid have memories from their childhood of coming to see Cortylandia each year at Christmas time. If Renae can remember it, she'll remember that she LOVED the music and the story! (And probably understood more than I did!)

Two friends enjoying the show

Renae could hardly take her eyes off of the show!

Jaime on the other hand . . . he got bored with it real quick.

As you can see, Sammy felt the same way.
The Three Wise Men crossing a bridge . . .
After a quick stop at a Starbucks, we walked from Sol to the Plaza de Colon to see the city of Bethlehem! In Spain, each family puts out a Belén (Bethlehem). It's a Nativity scene, but way more detailed. Bea said her Mom's Belén even has a river!! This particular Belén is HUGE. You know those people who have train models in their basement along with a very detailed town? Imagine that.
Just without the train.
And without the modern towns.
And add in Jesus, Mary and Joseph.
Oh, and the local weaver.

Bea y su hijo precioso . . .

And me with a very tired Renae (she walked the whole way!)

"Ruth, we have a new customer, and I thnk she's a Philistine."

"Come. I show you my rugs."

Bea gives out snacks if you ask really nicely.

Dos amiquitos

Awwww . . . .


Wendi Reger said...

looks like lots of fun, but the weather looks like it's taken a turn for cold!

kpjordan said...

Love LP's sassy red shoes!

Beatriz said...

Gee, you are fast Julie. Renae must be really tired today. Thanks for the beautiful day, guys.

Anonymous said...

Love Renae's coat!