Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Just Some Pics From the Week . . . .

Going from one child to two is quite an adjustment. Thus a lack of picture taking. Thus a lack of blogging. Thus lots of complaining from family about lack of pictures. Please accept Sammy's apologies as it is really all his fault.

Sammy is nursing pretty well. We had a few days of stress but my friend in Praque saved the day as we figured out the nursing problems came from the pacifier we were using.

Sammy sleeps pretty well too. He'll sleep about 4-5 hour chunks at night. Once we moved him out of our room we all started sleeping better.

I can't say Renae is the biggest fan of Sammy. Sometimes she'll come give him hugs, but in general, she doesn't interact much with him and does not like it when he cries. Her catch phrase "Too loud!" everytime he cries is getting old . . .

I'm feeling much much better than I did after Renae's birth. And I highly recomend having a second child as the transition isn't nearly as shocking as having a new baby. I've loved having Jesse around more too since he doesn't exactly have a typical 9-5 job.

People here are saying Sammy looks like Jesse. But we still really can't tell. His eyes are small like mine, as the pediatrician so kindly pointed out. To me, he still reminds me a lot of Renae when she was a newborn so who knows who he will look like.

Speaking of the milk man . . . you know that joke in English about a child looking like the milk man, as opposed to the father? Well here they say the child looks like the plumber. Interesting.

I think we're safe with either culture's jokes.

We had a visit from Tep who gave Sammy a Nacho Libre outfit. So cool.

Daddy and Daughter on their way out for a walk and "chuches" (the Spanish word for candy)

And I stole the picture below from my future new sister-in-law, Tarica. Love it!! I think Sammy looks just a wee bit like Tim, don't you?


J. et K. said...

I'll save you the wait - he looks like Julie :)

Such a cutie, in any case! I love the 'too loud' catchphrase. That's awesome. (Don't go getting any ideas, III. Renae can pull it off - you can't. Kind of like red cowboy boots.)

Thanks for the pictures and update!

Anonymous said...

Sammy is defenitely a Reger!
Thanks for the pics. I know it's hard to find time with a new baby.
And don't worry about Renae. Ethan ignored Kaylin several weeks, thinking she would just go away. But he got over it. By the time she was 1, they were buddies and now they are practically inseperable :)
Britt :)

Meredith said...

I still think he looks just like you, Julie!

That last picture cracks me up, they really do look alike!

Scott & Julie said...


Philly said...

Well I would say that babe really looks like you guys' child..be it more mom or dad I'm not sure. Congrats!

burseya said...

The picture of Tim and Sammy cracks me up...they do look alike in it. Annnndddd I'm loving the first picture. Can't wait til you guys are back and I can squeeze him!

Wendi Reger said...

Thank you SO MUCH Julie for updating. That little boy has changed a bunch since I last saw him. I'm going to sneak in Julie's suitcase, push out the mini marshmallows and I'll go in it's place.

P_31Girl said...

Julie (Ann) SHUT UP!! NO FAIR!

Lynette said...

So glad things went so well! How is the transition going from one to two...hopefully good!

kpjordan said...

Thanks for the new pics you posted. I know you're busy with 2 little ones, and we so appreciate this post. Of course, we want to see new picture of both kids (and Mommy an Daddy, too) weekly. After all, Samuel will change in looks weekly and we don't want to miss out on anything.