Sunday, May 31, 2009

Trip to Iowa-Part II

I had plans to do a few nicely written posts about our trip to Iowa. As you can see I'm quite behind in posting. So . . . I'm just throwing on the rest of the pictures with a few captions here and there. And as I selected pictures to post, I realized I had hardly any pictures of family taller than 3 feet tall. Oops. I guess my daughter and my nieces were camera magnets.

A trip to the new Fareway! Renae loved driving around.

She had to share her seat after Nana bought the store out.

Wedding Rehearsal Day!

Renae really loved her cousin "Addisee." They colored while the grown ups decorated the reception hall.

Three cute flower girls practicing . . .

My busiest niece and her cute Mama.

How I miss being silly with my cousin Mandi!

That night the girls were tired . . . .

. . . . And wired. They danced in their matching p.j's.

Seriously, getting a good pic of all 3 of them . . . almost impossible.

Wedding Day!

They all seemed to enjoy the piano. I can't say it was music to my ears, but it was something.

Renae and Taylor looked out the window with their new matching purses. (Their gifts for being amazing flower girls in the wedding. Aunt Heather knew just what they would love!)

My beautiful little girl. She loved pointing do her "dess."

Big surprise . . . Tay-tay isn't sitting like the rest. That girl is busy!

Hello Miss Diva!

And we ran into our best friends from college and Aiden! Renae and Aiden didn't really know what to think of each other . . .

Uncle Michal with the little squirm worms. Renae is still not smiling.

I think Addisyn is saying, "Seriously girls. Just do what I do so we can get this picture business done with!"

Again . . . look who's not paying attention, and look who's not smiling. Poor Addisyn. She was such a good example to follow. If only Renae and Taylor were good followers.

Renae got to stay on the stage with Uncle Tim for a bit.

The Masson Fam at the wedding reception.

Mother and Son. Ahhh . . .

Michael and my new sister-in-law!

My older "twin" and his sweet little princess.

We're so glad we made it back for the wedding. The entire trip was great and well worth it!


kpjordan said...

Jesse looks so content with, and grateful for, his "girls" in that last photo. (Wish your face was in it, Julie).

Scott & Julie said...

Those pictures were so fun to look at and remember that fun weekend with.

Chad & Amy said...

Looks like you had so much fun! Renae is too cute in her little dress.

I want a post about food and what you brought back with you!