Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The List

  • Safe trip home to states with bonus open seats on the long flights for Renae. Check.
  • Free baby-sitting in the mornings. Check.
  • Two (yes 2) trips to Arby's. Check. Check.
  • One dinning experience at Great Plains Pizza. Check.
  • Hickory Park with 29 people. Check.
  • Hugs from all 3 brothers (and significant others.) Check. Check. Check.
  • One amazing service at Cornerstone. Sigh . . .
  • Return to Spain with more preggo looking belly . . . due mostly to the above mentioned eating habits and a few other food culprits.

Pictures to come soon. We are back in Spain, desperately trying to stay awake until this evening when we will promptly crash.

To see other people's pics of our trip with family, click here, here, or here.


Jonathan et Kari said...

Catch up with III and K on Skype. Check :)

Glad y'all had a good trip and are back on our side now!

Wendi Reger said...

So happy you were able to be part of our world for a while. Miss you all. Give the peanut a kiss from Nana.

kpjordan said...

Julie, when I can catch my breath, I will update my blog. Your mom posted some great pics, though.
We miss you all already! We anxiously await your return. Hi to Fede and Aicha for me. Maybe we can meet them via skype one day.