Thursday, May 21, 2009

Our Trip to Iowa-Part 1

I am ashamed.

I made sure the camera was fully charged before we left for Iowa. I took the camera cord to download pictures once I filled up the memory card. I even made Jesse pack the video camera in case I wanted videos and didn't want to waste memory on my camera taking videos.

So how is it that I didn't even fill up my memory card and I have NO pictures of Renae with Grandma and Grandpa, and I have hardly any pictures of the fun stuff we were looking forward to? (Like eating at Hickory Park, sitting around a firepit, enjoying family.) I guess when you are seeing so many people and doing so many fun things, it becomes overwhelming to take pictures of everything. So I didn't. But I'll try and post what I do have and perhaps my mother-in-law, mother and any other family members can redeem me . . .

Renae watching Madagascar 2. This lasted about 5 minutes.

Thank goodness the flight from Madrid to Atlanta wasn't full!

Renae could sprawl in the seat between us and she took her normal 2.5 hour nap right on schedule. Too bad she couldn't go to bed for the night for a full 10-12 hours later . . .

Guess who found Arby's in the Atlanta airport??

Speaking of our 5 hour plus layover in Atlanta . . . two friends from Cornerstone showed up at our gate about an hour before the plane left! It was so fun to see people we KNEW at a place you usually spend with strangers!! It sure did make that last bit of the layover go quickly.
Our first night was spent at our parents since we didn't land until 9:45 at night. So the next day, we headed to Cedar Rapids to be with Jesse's family. On Saturday we had a grill out with Aunts, Uncles and cousins. And some of them were surprises all the way from Tennessee!

Makenna and I sporting our baby bumps. Just a few weeks apart!! (That's Renae trying to give me some shoes to wear in the bottom of the picture.)


No it's Campbell! Keely and Jon's little boy wasn't prepared for the cold Iowa weather so Renae shared some of her girl clothes. We won't tell Campbell that he wore an "I'm a Princess Everyday" shirt. It did get confusing though as I kept thinking I was seeing Renae running around when it was really Campbell.

Next up . . . our time in Ames!


Wendi Reger said...

When I first saw that picture of Campbell in Renae's jacket, I thought what is that girl doing with a plug??? Similar looks of the two of them.

Scott & Julie said...

Don't worry Julie I didn't take that many pictures either. I'll just steal other peoples and call them my own.

Jenny said...

I'm the same way. When I'm around a bunch of people I don't take pictures either. It's hard to take pictures and enjoy the moment. I had pics from the weekend b/c I promised myself I would take them.