Monday, April 20, 2009

A Trip Down Memory Lane . . .

Four years ago I was finishing up my degree in Caceres, Spain. For two months, I observed, helped and then taught in a 1st grade Spanish classroom. I lived with a Spanish family the entire time and was forced to speak in Spanish for a good chunk of my day. It was a great experience that I will always be grateful for. The only bummer about the whole thing . . . . I was there without Jesse. And we were married at the time. Yeah. Two months apart from each other was no fun at all, but we learned a ton, and God was faithful to provide us with what we needed. One need I had was a friend! He sent me a friend for life in Paula. Paula and her family have lived in Caceres for almost 10 years, and she was my sanctuary. She picked lice out of my hair when I got it from a Brazilian boy in my class, she cooked me American food when I needed it, and she spoke in English to me which was so nice as speaking in a foreign language all day is very draining.

We have kept in touch over the past four years, and now that we live in Spain, we've been able to see them a lot more! They were in need of a babys-sitter for a few days and I volunteered to drive over with Renae. Renae had a BLAST with her 3 kids, and I had a blast taking care of 3 sweet, responsible children. When they were in school, Renae and I took a walk to see some of the old places I frequented. We tried to visit my Spanish mom, but she wasn't there. Instead, we wandered into the historic part of town, stopped in a cafe for a pastry and hot cocoa, and enjoyed the sites.

The main pedestrian walk way.

The plaza mayor-much smaller than Madrid's!

Every Spanish plaza mayor has cafes surrounding it.

Renae sat in a big girl chair all week and did great.

The single mom and her four kids! (Just for a few days . . .)

Enjoy the video of Renae dancing it up with the girls.


Wendi Reger said...

What a big girl sitting in that chair. And where does she get those moves......

Jenny said...

You are a super mom! 4 kids for 3 days....WAY TO GO!

kpjordan said...

Looks like a beautiful town. Absolutely love watching LP dance. She seems really taken with the younger girl. We'll have to play some lively music when you come! (Oh yeah, and I need to dust off my baby doll for her to play with).
Keep on dancin', LP!