Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Getting Ready to Go . . .

It's almost time. We received the news last summer. Reasonably priced tickets were found in January.

I. Can't. Wait. We're going to the states!!!!

Next week we're packing up and taking our first trip home as a family. My brother is getting hitched, and Renae is a flower girl in the wedding, along with my 2 adorable nieces. It will be worth the plane tickets just to see what Renae and Taylor do in their roles as flower girls.

I've been counting down the days everyday in my journal over the past few weeks and I can't believe it's so close! My list of things to buy has outgrown the alloted space on the piece of paper so that I have sidewise notes all over the place. We are taking only 2 suitcases back with us so we can bring 4 back to Spain. Renae will be getting a whole new wardrobe to cover the rest of our time here. (Spain has expensive kids clothes!) We're mostly bringing back clothes and food that I need (want) for cooking and baking here. Things like brown sugar, peanut butter, crisco, salad dressing packs, marshmallows, chili powder . . . you name it. I must say my American food pantry is pretty well stocked right now, however we don't have any more visitors coming this way and no more trips planned so I need to stock up for the next 9 months!

I also have another list going. This one is in my mind. But it's my favorite one to think about: (Can you tell where my heart is?)

Places I want to eat at, and things I want to eat:

  • Arby's (Don't judge me . . . .)
  • Hickory Park
  • Great Plains!! Can't wait!
  • A homecooked meal on Penni and Kevin's patio, and on my parents deck.
  • GRILLED hamburgers
  • GRILLED steaks
  • My Mom's cooking

And another list . . .Things I really want to do:

  • See and hug my brothers. All 3 of them.
  • Tickle my nieces.
  • Get big hugs from my parents.
  • Attend a Cornerstone service. Can't. Wait.
  • Walk barefoot in the grass.
  • Watch Renae play with Taylor. What kind of trouble will they get into together??
  • Go to Target.
  • Go to Old Navy.
  • Go to the Gap.
  • See Jenny, Tom and Aiden-hold Aiden for the first time!!! (If he'll let me, that is!)
  • Just be with family to laugh and have fun together.

I haven't taken hardly any pictures this past week so you're stuck with this pictureless post to read, and no new pictures of Renae. I can however tell you what Renae has been doing that's cute.

I've been showing her pictures of my family so that she can practice saying their names. Renae is good at identifying Mommy and Daddy in the picture, as well as Nana and Grandpy. However the rest of the family . . . she's not doing so hot. Usually, she points to "Schaw" (same word for sock and Scott), Tee (Tim) and No (she won't say Michael for some reason . . .) by choosing one uncle to point at for each name. And you aunts . . . sorry, but she can't say your names or point them out either. ONCE she said "Ju ju" for Julie. But I can't get her to repeat it. Hopefully while we are there she'll get better at saying her family members names!


Mandy B Stenberg said...

So tell me the dates you'll be here and which service you'll go to. I don't want to miss you!

jess said...

yay! Julie! can't wait to see you guys!

Nate and Natalie said...

That's super exciting! I know Jenny is really excited to see you as well. Have a great time and eat a slice of Great Plains for me too :)

Scott & Julie said...

Oh she'll say my name! I've got my lists going too - I've got one for things I need to buy for Jesse and I'm searching out garage sales for some awesome finds for the peanut. I don't really have a list for you....but I'm sure I could start. What do you need?

And there is NO DOUBT that Taylor will drag Renae into trouble. That girl is "Taylor the Curious"!

And I'll go with you to Old Navy! Just name the day you want to go.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully we can see you guys while you are back too!

~Jamie Morgan

Jenny said...

I got all teary when I read this post b/c I'm so excited to see you! Of course Aiden will let you hold him....for a second or two until he demands to be put down so he can continue running all over! You'll have to visit Great Plains without know that I throw up every time I eat there. Actually, just for you, I'd probably go there!

Can't wait to see you!

Becky said...

Count down is on!!! Can't wait to see you!!!!

P_31Girl said...

Julie, I am hurt beyond description that seeing/hugging ME is not on your list!! I thought I meant more to you than that. *tear* And seriously, Renae can't say Tarica?? It's not like it's a hard name!!! I, too, am excited to see Taylor and Renae together. Will Renae be wearing her squeky shoes? That could be interesting with both of them!

Chad & Amy said...

Hopefully your list won't get any longer!
I'm sure you are super excited!

...BTW, wish we were going back...

Kari said...

I would love to be able to see you!! (so would Heather!) If you happen to have some time to squeeze us in, let me know! I understand how busy a trip back will be along with a wedding!! Hope you have an amazing time!!