Monday, April 13, 2009

Girls and Grilled Food in Grananda-Part 1

Last week was "Semana Santa" here in Spain which translates to SPRING BREAK. It actually translates to Holy Week but that's another topic. We have some friends that live in Granada so we decided to drive down for a few days of fun . They live in a much bigger piso than ours with a beautiful terrace to relax on. It was a very enjoyable and relaxing time.

The drive was beautiful once we got closer to Granada.

Renae’s friend Emily. These two are just a few months a part so they were pretty entertaining to be around.

Renae fell in love with Emily’s stroller and baby-doll. You’ll be seeing more of pictures like this . . .

Seriously-she loved that thing.

Corn hole!!

This game has numerous names but we learned it as Corn Hole. It was so much fun to place this with Joanna and Martin’s neighbor. By the way . . . Spaniards in the south have a southern accent too. Instead of hearing: “Pues, dame estos platos.” You will hear: “Pue dame eto plato.” Go figure.
We are super strong Corn Hole players

Martin attempts to win this round. He didn’t.

Renae decided Gonzalo needed help collecting the bean bags.

“For the last time! THIS is how you pick them up!”

The first day we headed into town to try the Andalucia version of churros.

We liked them better than Madrid churros. (That’s a flat Stanley I’ll explain in a later post.)

Emily and Renae decided to check out the fountain inbetween bites of chocolate covered fried dough.

Granada street

cool bazaar was in a really old part, and I believe it was part of the Arab old town. Granada is home to “La Alhambra” which is an old famous Muslim fortress.

Emily and Renae did pretty good seeing the sites that morning

It’s true. Mostly because of the friends that live there.

Old Arab décor.

A spice shop in the street.

Renae STILL loves all kinds of dogs.

Renae and Emily-BFFs!

Renae wanted to help push the stroller back to the car.

However . . . she soon got bored and decided to see the city from a different angle.
More pics coming soon!!!


Scott & Julie said...

That last picture is a hoot! I can't wait to hear more about flat stanley (or whatever he's called)

Brian and Allie said...

Flat Stanely!!! Love it! Is that for a class at Fairmeadows? I went there...and I heard you worked there pre Renae! And, I think I know who taught the class- and she is way more knowledgeable than I am, but I like to think I bring the fun instead! Hope all is well! I love looking at all your pictures!

Jenny said...

THat little Renae is so cute! I bet she had a ton of fun playing with girl "stuff."

kpjordan said...

Love the pics of Renae pushing the doll in the stroller. The mothering tendencies show up early, don't they! When you come to visit, we have an umbrella stroller that she can push my doll in (yep, I still have my doll...and the bed she slept's my "Roomy Double Deck Doll Bunk Bed Set"...which David had restored for me one year, long time ago.) I could never part with it in all the now it's around for the grandkids to play with.