Sunday, November 1, 2009

I Love Fall . . .

Unlike our home state, we are still able to enjoy fall weather here. On a nice day the Masson family of 4 decided to head to our favorite big city park, Retiro.

Renae shows her Daddy the proper technique for fish? bird? horse? riding.

I'm proud to report that my hooter hider works GREAT!

Again, Renae is demonstrating a skill to Daddy.

"Let's go that way!"

Almost got a smile.

Mother and Daughter 1. . .

Mother and Daughter 2 . . .

Father and children. Wow. Still so weird that we have to say that.

Renae spotted a duck which makes the same noise as a chicken apparently.

And I had to post this one.
It's a very cute Mom dressed nicely, wearing roller skates. Not roller blades, skates. Love it.
Other random news:
  • Sammy weighed 3.9 kilos at his 2 week check up. That means he weighs 8.7 lbs already! Considering Renae didn't even weigh 12 lbs at 6 months . . . I think Sammy is already a bigger and better eater than his sister.
  • My brother and sister-in-law are coming this month!!! Can't wait to show them our city and their newest nephew.
  • My France (not to be mistaken with French) sister-in-law is the voice of a cartoon character. Her evil laugh is amazing. Click here to check it out.


Mandi said...

#1 - I LOVE your boots! Wow!
#2 - Your hooter hider is adorable, and oh so incognito ;-)
#3 - Sammy looks like such a PEANUT sticking out of the baby bjorn!! (or whatever brand of baby carrier that is) How fun to see Jesse with TWO kiddos!

Scott & Julie said...

Look at you hot mama! Do you even want us to come, seriously....we're going to look like such dorks compared to you vouge people.

Glad the Hooter Hider is working for you!

Scott & Julie said...

I got it! How about I just not pack any of my dorky mom clothes and just wear yours! Although I wouldn't be able to fit my fat butt in them so nevermind.

Bwall said...

You look like giving birth was nothing...up and going already. Good for you. The weather looks awesome jealous!

J. et K. said...

I'm wearing my red boots today too!! Great minds dress alike, eh? I love Renae's outfit. So stinkin' cute.

Thanks for the shout-out....Mwahahaha!

P_31Girl said...

Julie! You always looks so stinkin cute!!! I agree with Mandi, LOVE the boots!