Monday, June 15, 2009

An Interview With Renae . . .

Vamos: Thanks for taking the time to chat with us Renae. We really appreciate it.
Renae: No problem. Mom, I know you are Vamos so I had to talk with you wether I wanted to or not.

Vamos: So you've lived in Spain for over a year. What has been your favorite memory so far?
Renae: Hmmm . . . it would probably be the first time Mom and Dad took me into a chucheria. I had no idea what I'd been missing my whole life!
Vamos: And a chucheria is a what?
Renae: It's a candy store. Full of candy. And sugar. I really like the gummy worms and the long red things covered in sugar.

Vamos: So you moved from the midwest to a city of 6 million people. How do you like the urban life?
Renae: Well, I didn't start remembering things for long periods of time until a few months ago. So I have no recollection of living in that place you just mentioned. But I really like my house! I get to help my Mom open the big door downstairs, and sometimes we ride the elevator up to our big brown door. It has a big knobby thing in the middle that is just my size for helping open and shut the door. Oh wait . . . you asked about living in the city. Let's see, I love going to the park. Usually other kids share their sand toys and I also get to show off my mad slide skills. When we go places other than our neighborhood I get to ride on the bus and wave at people in the cars next to me. City life is good . . .

Vamos: Do you ever miss green grass and open space?
Renae: Well . . . I don't ever remember having those things. Man Mom, are you even paying attention to what I'm saying? You and Dad, I mean, my parents say they miss having some open grassy spaces so they take me to a big park sometimes where I get to play. And last time we went we took Tio Fede so it was really fun.

Vamos: I hear there are lots of dogs in Europe. What do you think of that?
Renae: Well, I want a puppy so bad I can hardly stand it. I try and point out every puppy that I see, and I'll pet any that will let me come near them. But the puppies, well, they leave their poo-poo on the streets and that's kind of gross. Mommy is always making sure I don't step in it. And when she was pregnant she REALLY didn't like the dog poo in the streets. I like to imitate her gagging. He he.

Vamos: So besides your awesome parents, who do you play with? Do you have any friends?
Renae: Well, I play with my buddies Levi and David sometimes when our parents get together. And at church, I have a friend called Irene. She invited me to come swim at her pool this summer. And Aicha has a little boy who likes to make scary animal noises at me. I used to be really scared. But now I make animal noises too. I'm good at the lion.

Vamos: OK, so you keep telling me that you don't remember anything. Do you remember any people?
Renae: Oh sure! I get to talk to Nana and Grandpy and Grandma and Grandpa the most thanks to the computer. I don't really understand why they are only in the computer. But I like talking to them. I really miss Addisee. She was so much fun to play with when we went back for Uncle Michael and Aunt Heather's wedding!

Vamos: So can you speak Spanish?
Renae: Everyone asks my parents that! What is this Spanish? I don't get it! When we are at home we speak one way and I understand lots and lots. And I can say a lot of things now. But when we leave the house, Mommy and Daddy call me Esther (it's my middle name) and they talk a different way. I understand a lot of that stuff too. I can't say as much but I can repeat pretty much anything people say. Sometimes, we talk the way we do at home, outside on the street. But only if we are just hanging out as a family. All I know is outside of the house, I say "Hola!" to everyone I see!

Vamos: Which parent do you like the most?
Renae: Mom . . . .
Vamos: Ok ok . . . what do you like about your parents?
Renae: Well, Daddy is a lot of fun. He plays with me a lot. He throws me on the couch over and over again because I keep saying "More." He also plays his guitar so I can dance and sing. Mommy reads me a lot of books and she lets me get messy. Daddy doesn't really like me getting messy . . . Mommy and Daddy both give me lots of kisses and hugs. And I love to give tight squeezes back. Life is good.


P_31Girl said... are SO good at sharing your life with us! I think you are even bigger then you were a month ago!! I know your daddy doesn't like it when you are messy...remember when I helped you wipe your nose on your sleeve? He wasn't too happy about that!

kpjordan said...

Well, LP....I love to read about your perspective on life. You have such loving and fun parents...and really incredible grandparents...all of them! We are so anxious for you and your parents to live close to us again because we miss you all so much. You must bring Tio Fede with you.
I love you, LP. Please ask your mommy and daddy to give you kisses from Gma and Gpa.

Jenny said...

Thanks for sharing, Renae! We're glad you like where you live, but we're really excited for when you come back! Aiden says he also loves his mama cause she lets him get messy too...dada doesn't like messes so much!

P.S. Julie, can you ask Mandi if I can be added to her blog list? I think she protected her site and I don't know how to contact her. Thanks!

Wendi Reger said...

Renae, I do believe you may have a career in journalism. Wow, what an interview. I agree with gma that Fede needs to come back with you next year.

lankris said...

I love her sandals in the last picture - so adorable!!

Jonathan et Kari said...

Here's to the good life, Renae

Scott & Julie said...

Renae, you are loved greatly by your mom & dad and an entire group of family and friends - so it is a great life after all!

The Beasley Family said...

I can't believe that baby girl is about to be 2! Miss you guys!!