Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A Birthday Party for a (2)8 year old!

Our friend Fede had a birthday recently. I have a ton of cake mixes from the states still and told him I would love to make a unique cake for him. I didn't think about how we would be transporting said cake . . .

Riding the metro.

Have you ever traveled somewhere by car with a casserole or pie resting carefully on your lap or in between your legs? If you are like me, you don't let your husband touch it, but when you have to let him hold it for one second while you buckle your seatbelt,you tell him specifically where he needs to put the dish. And while he carefully places it there, you remind him to "be careful!" and also that he's a dead man if he spills it. Does this sound familiar?

"You touch me, you die."

Well try transporting a tank shaped cake in a shoe box, down a flight of stairs and 2 escalators while people scurry past you as everyone rushes to the metro before the doors close. Lucky for me, the first train was fairly empty so I could sit down where no one else was sitting. I made sure Jesse kept Renae as far from me as possible. (that girl can flail her extremities like no other!) When we finally got to our stop, we met up with Fede who offered to hold the cake for me while we rode the bus. I kindly told him it would be better if I held it. :)

After 1 metro transfer and a bus ride, the cake made is safely to Fede's piso. I even let him carry it up. He didn't realize how heavy it was at first (it was on a wooden cutting board) and the cake slid about in the box. He saw my face and was very careful to hold it just so. I know the cake was for him . . . I just wanted Fede to enjoy it all in one piece so I temporarily became the Cake Nazi.

Notice the cheese face? She saw the camera so . . .

Fede's piso had an inner courtyard with a small jungle gym. Renae wanted him to ride down the slide with her.

Un arco iris!

While we enjoyed our time with Fede and his parents, we saw a beautiful rainbow in the sky! And for the first time, I saw a COMPLETE rainbow. This picture above is the left side . . .

And this is the right side!

Yes, you have to share the cake Fede.
So why a tank cake? There are two reasons. Fede used to be in the Spanish military as part of the tank squadron. He learned how to operate WWII US Army tanks that Spain bought from the US. Also, Jesse and Fede spend most of their time waiting for me to make supper by playing Tanks on the Nintendo Wii. They get excited about it as if they were 8 years old. They celebrate when they beat the game as if they were 8 years old. So . . . I thought it only appropriate to make a tank for an 8 (ok, 28) year old.

Nerds . . .

We were so excited to finally meet Fede's Mom and Dad (who is taking the picture)

Like I said. 8 years old . . . Feliz Cumple, Fede!!


Nate and Natalie said...

I totally understand the specific directions you have to give your spouse in order that NOTHING bad happens. Glad it made it safely to the party. By the way, the cake turned out AWESOME!

Anonymous said...

Great cake, Julie! Thanks for posting a pic of it! How did you make the camo green? Are those Andes mints for the treads?

Chris and Kate Borders said...

Awesome cake and impressive cake-transportation skills :)

Jesse and Fede totally look like they could be brothers!!

Jenny said...

You are the ultimate cake maker!!! Remember the made from scratch cake you made me shaped like a letter "J?" And...remember the cake that flopped (it was going to be a high heel) so you mixed it with ice cream and froze it and it was SOOOO yummy? Jesse thought it looked like bird poo but we enjoyed every bite of that yummy cake.

As for giving the hubby SPECIFIC instructions on holding food in the car...yes, I can relate. And, b/c Tom neglected to follow my directions we have a taco dip stain on the carpet in our Toyota.

kpjordan said...

What a loving act of labor in making that creative cake, Julie! Jesse, you were wise to stay out of the way.
Happy birthday, Fede!!!!