Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A Visit with the Masson Fam . . .

These next few posts are long overdue, but with our computer problems and having family here, posting just wasn't getting done. Sorry. Jesse's brother and sister-in-law flew in the same day as Jesse's Mom and her husband. It was a great reunion. His Mom hadn't seen Trey and Kari since August of 2007! Trey and Kari are standards in Renae's life however and she went right to her favorite person.

"What's not to like? I get to be really tall when Uncle Trey's around!"

"Oh-and he feeds me snacks if I sit with him at the table."

"Don't worry, I make sure he gets fed too."

After the weekend, the French Masson's headed back home and we continued our visit the rest of the fam (minus Britt and the Boise crew.)

Our first stop was to the mountains! Renae has become quite the avid climber . . .

. . . and Jesse, a knife wielder. Seriously, he carved away on some cool walking sticks.

Renae led the way up the rocky course. She needed help a few times . . .

"Grandma, I'll help you go the right way."

I didn't get the memo about the cheese face pose.

Daddy and Daughter. So cute.

Grandma and Grandbaby. So precious.

We found a fresh stream and Penni wanted a drink. Kevin went in for it.

I didn't try a taste, but they all said it was nice and cold. I believe them.

Later that week we too full advantage of the free baby-sitters and went out on a date. Jesse's friend Fede took us to a place where we could take an hour long Salsa class. It was so much fun.

Check our our form! We were almost naturals . . . .

Fede is perhaps our favorite person in the entire country of Spain. He rocks.

Seriously. We love this guy.
I'll be back with more pics from the tip. I think I'm using stolen pics from Penni's camera. I didn't actually take that many because when you are around someone like Penni, there just isn't a need to use your own camera. She takes enough for 4 people. :)


kpjordan said...

Great pics, Julie! And I will continue to take enough pics for 4 people!;o) Better chance of getting that perfect shot, ya know.
I do so hope that Fede comes to the US sometime...we really want to meet him. And he's more than welcome to stay here if he ever wants/needs to. Wish we could have watched you do your salsa...maybe we will get to see that yet. We sure do miss LP! Kevin watched the video clip of LP that I posted on my blog, over and over...and laughed every time! Love her own little language she speaks.

Jenny said...

I'm so happy that you guys had some family time! We miss you!

Scott & Julie said...

Your date looked like a lot of fun. Maybe when we get the chance to come visit you'll take us there.

Dee said...

Only four people? I always thought Penni took enough shots for an army! :o)