Thursday, March 12, 2009

Let the Fun Begin . . .

My Grandma and Grandpa are here!!!!

They arrived this afternoon and I took Mommy and Daddy with me to the airport to welcome them.

They needed help walking after all that jet-lag.

My Unlce Trey and Aunt Kari are here too. I love having all these people around!! Now let me tell you about my past week . . .

On Saturday I was really sick. I just wanted to lay around all day. So I did.

Once I started feeling better I had fun with Mommy. She tried to copy my cheese face.

After breakfast Tuesday morning I took my leftover toast and stored in here for safe keeping.

I thought it was a good spot.
My Mom or Aunt Kari will be posting about the rest of our time together. Tomorrow we are going to enjoy the BIG park in our city. I'm loving this weather!!!


Jenny said...

Renae, you are one lucky girl to have your grandma and grandpa there with you! I hope you have SO MUCH fun!

Love, Aiden

P.S. I think that it was a good choice to store your toast in your car. I like to store my pacifier in the fridge.

P_31Girl said...

I think your mommy has a cheesier face then you!!

Keely said...

That kid is so stinkin' cute!!! (Renae, I mean. Julie, you're cute, too!) heehee