Sunday, January 18, 2009

Catching Up . . .

Ringing in the new year in Caceres. Renae was still kicking at 1:30!

Renae loves her Daddy.

Guess who can wear a little ponytail now?? She's so grown up!

This was from Trey and Kari's visit. This is one girly girl.

And guess who doesnt drink from a bottle at night anymore? (Jesse stopped 27 years ago)

In Caceres we met a family who is there while the husband plays some bball. There little girl is just a few months younger than Renae. They had fun giving each other high fives.

More to come later. I promise!


kpjordan said...

Is it my imagination or does Renae look like Taylor in that "girly girl" photo with the black purse?
Keep the pictures coming, Julie. Starving from not being fed via your blog for a whole week!

Wendi Reger said...

Thank you!!!! Withdrawel can be so hard on Nana's you know! Videos, send videos!!

Jenny said...

You're back! We missed you!

WHAT? No bottle for Renae? She is getting WAY too big. Tear. Sniff. Sniff.

Becky said...

Welcome back!!! Love her pony tail...she is definitely growing up!! Can't wait to see you guys in May!! So glad Jesse gave up the bottle ;)

Jonathan et Kari said...

I love that first picture. It's a great one of you, Julie. And Renae's shirt is just fabulous ;)

Scott & Julie said...

That video was pretty cute. I needed that laugh.

I'll have to throw a blanket around Taylor to see if we can get a look-a-like picture.

Andy and Kaye said...

Oh my goodness. She is growing up so much. Her hair is too cute with the pigtail, and getting lighter! See you in a few days. Yeah! Who wont the Settler's game?